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Arizona Public Service’s Firm Commitment to an Affordable Clean Energy Future Receives Full Support of the Arizona Technology Council

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The Arizona Technology Council today announced its full support to Arizona Public Service (APS) and Jeff Guldner, its new president and CEO, for their commitment to a clean energy future for the state of Arizona. In a bold initiative that benefits the economy and the environment, APS released a statement today outlining its goal to deliver 100% clean, carbon-free electricity to its customers by 2050.

“On behalf of the Arizona Technology Council, we applaud APS and Guldner for helping Arizona lead the nation and set the course for increased, clean-energy innovation,” said Steven G. Zylstra, the Council’s president and CEO. “The utility’s decision to increase its use of renewable energy to power the future is critical to the trajectory of developing technologies that will ensure reliable and affordable energy sources for our citizens and boost Arizona’s economy.”

APS’s ambitious plan outlines critical steps to reaching its goal, including reaching 65% clean energy by 2030 with renewables making up 45% of that total. The utility also announced its plan to close its coal-power plants, the Cholla Power Plant in Arizona by 2025 and the Four Corners Power Plant in New Mexico by 2031. To minimize rate increases for its customers, APS utility will recruit customers, particularly manufacturers and data centers among others, to come to its territory to defray the infrastructure costs.

“Admittedly, one of the greatest challenges for this century is powering the planet while reducing carbon emissions,” said Zylstra. “For many companies, renewable energy is the answer. As we applaud APS’s leadership, we also believe it’s in the best interest of current and future Arizona businesses that the Arizona Corporation Commission continues to pursue an improved renewably energy policy for the state without delay.”

Economic development is a huge area of focus for the state. As Arizona and the Greater Phoenix region continue their maturation into a major tech hub, it’s also critical that companies like APS embrace renewable energy technologies that not only have a much lower environmental impact but provide increased energy independence and drive economic development to help companies grow. Additionally, Arizona businesses are increasingly demanding electricity to power their business operations to come from renewable sources.

Transitioning and improving access to renewable and clean energy sources are critical positions taken by the Council in its 2020 Public Policy Guide. The Council recently released the guide designed to inform Gov. Doug Ducey, the Legislature, Arizona’s Congressional delegation and the Council’s more than 850 member companies along with the wider technology community of the organization’s advocacy activities, principles and positions.

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