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Arkansas Property Tax Payment Deadline October 15

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The statewide personal and real estate property tax payment deadline is Oct. 15. Citizens in more than 50 Arkansas counties can avoid standing in line and paying late fees by paying their property taxes online before the deadline. A directory of participating counties and secure mobile payment sites is available at

“It’s important that citizens realize that their property taxes directly support their communities. Funding for our schools, libraries, jails, county government and the county hospital is made possible by property taxes,” Pulaski County Treasurer Debra Buckner said. “Pulaski County is proud to provide an online property tax payment service through our partnership with the Information Network of Arkansas. We introduced this payment option years ago, and it has been extremely helpful in getting tax payments in on time.”

Taxpayers can visit from a computer or mobile device and search for their county from the drop-down menu or interactive map. To begin making a secure payment, taxpayers can enter either the parcel or tax-id numbers provided on their tax statements or search by their name or address. The online service provides a payment confirmation and a printable receipt. Payments can be made online until 11:59 p.m. Oct. 15.

Buckner says now is a good time to pay taxes online and avoid standing in line on Oct. 15. “Our office and tax collector locations around the state typically have lines in the days leading up to the deadline. No matter where you live, it’s much easier to visit and pay your property taxes in just a few mouse clicks or taps on your phone.”

While paying property taxes online, residents in many counties can also sign up to receive an email notification in March when their annual tax statement is available. Taxpayers who sign up for this new convenience will no longer receive annual tax statements in the mail, but will still get paper statements if their taxes are adjusted throughout the year. Buckner says going paperless is the easiest way for taxpayers to find and pay their tax bill online.

Citizens who pay their taxes online will also have the opportunity to sign up for Gov2Go, the first-of-its-kind, personal assistant that tracks assessment, property tax and vehicle registration renewal deadlines and enables citizens to quickly complete all these tasks right from their smartphones. Current Gov2Go users will receive timely emails, SMS messages and push notifications via the Gov2Go app, reminding them of the approaching property tax deadline and prompting them to visit the property tax center to learn how to pay in their county.

Pulaski County residents who choose to visit the tax collector offices can avoid the lines by using a self-service iPad kiosk to pay their property tax bill with a credit card and get an email receipt.

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