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ArmadaHealth® Announces Expansion of Platform Launching New Brand, QualityCare Connect sm

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ArmadaHealth®, the healthcare provider recommendations company, announced the expansion of its specialist recommendation matching services to include primary care physicians (PCPs). The new suite of healthcare navigation services, named QualityCare Connectsm, is now available for health plans, consumer-facing healthcare platforms, specialty insurance solutions and affinity/association groups. QualityCare Connect enables organizations to provide members convenient access to the best qualified providers, personalized to their specific health conditions or diagnosis, desired location and other non-clinical preferences.

“Our employees value the ArmadaHealth service because it provides quality healthcare choices for them in the form of comprehensive profiles of multiple, objectively matched physicians that have been vetted for quality and qualifications, first and foremost, but also have confirmed appointment availability and are in our insurance network. They love that trusted experts do the leg work for them,” said Chris Burke, President and CEO of AGIA Affinity, a customer of ArmadaHealth and early user of the expanded product offering.

“Our initial launch of primary care navigation demonstrated an overwhelming need for services to help people find suitable PCPs. Utilization of our service more than doubled in those clients in less than six months. It validated the statistic that a significant number of consumers do not have PCPs or are not satisfied with the one they have,” said Susan Torroella, COO, ArmadaHealth. “Furthermore, members told us they procrastinated going to a PCP largely because the process to find qualified doctors that are taking new patients was frustrating, time-consuming and ended in uncertainty about whether they chose the right doctor.”

“We recognize there’s an enormous demand for quality transparency in healthcare and, specifically, navigation pathways to high-quality providers. With QualityCare Connect, our clients can ensure that each member has an informed choice of the best qualified physicians and appropriate affiliated facilities. Our model enables plan sponsors to get their members to the highest quality, affordable care in their existing provider network and provide an exceptional member experience with minimal integration,” added Steve Schaefer, CEO, ArmadaHealth.

ArmadaHealth’s flagship service launched in 2005, branded as TopDoc Connect®and, separately, SpecialtyCare Connect®,provides informed access to millions of members of health plans, employers and associations, connecting members with qualified specialists and appropriate facilities in all 50 states. QualityCare Connect will now be the new brand within ArmadaHealth’s service offerings. In addition to primary care and specialist/facility navigations, ArmadaHealth also provides travel-related healthcare services for members on the go and executive physical navigation for select clients.

ArmadaHealth will be exhibiting at upcoming industry conferences including SIIA in San Francisco (September 30 – October 2) and HLTH in Las Vegas (October 27 – 30).

About ArmadaHealth

ArmadaHealth®has developed the most robust and comprehensive physician recommendation intelligence in the industry. Uniting oceans of data, clinical insights and a human touch, our High Tech, Right Touch®approach embodies the best practices in quality-based healthcare navigation. Our proprietary extended intelligence platform, S.I.E.N.A.™, features multivariate quality measures and clinically trained machine learning models as inputs to physician-patient matching algorithms. QualityCare ConnectSM, our consumer-facing service, improves the efficiency, expediency and effectiveness of how people access perfectly matched primary and specialty care physicians. The result is improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare expenses and exceptional patient satisfaction as reflected in our NPS of 86 while serving more than 1,300 employer clients. For more information about QualityCare Connect, please visit