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Artificial Intelligence-Powered Menu Personalization Engine THE.FIT Launches for Restaurant Brands and Operators

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THE.FIT today announced the launch of its menu personalization engine,
which will allow restaurants to create customized menus for each guest
in just seconds. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform is
designed to enable restaurants to increase ticket sizes and strengthen
margins while delighting guests.

Previously, diners with specific diet or lifestyle preferences relied on
servers’ recommendations or menu dietary symbols and fine print. THE.FIT
automates and simplifies this process. Participating restaurants will
provide guests with a QR code that will take them to a page on their
mobile phone where they can select their dietary preferences and view a
personalized menu. Upon each subsequent visit, THE.FIT’s technology
leverages AI to collect data—including ordering habits, demographics and
social engagement—to improve the customer experience through enhanced

“More than 100 million Americans are now watching what they eat, and
food allergies are on the rise,” said Scott Sanchez, CEO of THE.FIT.
“THE.FIT puts the actual person back into personalization and solves a
massive pain point for diet-conscious consumers while creating a revenue
opportunity for restaurants.”

While AI and personalization technology are becoming more sophisticated
and applicable to the restaurant industry, the implementation complexity
and cost has created a barrier to wide adoption. THE.FIT was created as
a software as a service (SaaS) platform to deliver a simple, turnkey
solution for restaurant operators. Brands can roll out THE.FIT’s menu
personalization technology to its stores in a matter of weeks by
following a simple four-step implementation process:

  • Onboarding: THE.FIT “ingests” each restaurant location’s menu and key
    nutritional information into THE.FIT’s AI system.
  • Fine-tuning: THE.FIT reports a breakdown of menu items to restaurant
    management, validates assumptions made about ingredients, reviews
    AI-generated personalized menus and calibrates to maximize margin and
    overall ticket sizes.
  • Testing: THE.FIT is introduced in three to five test locations and
    begins generating recommendations for guests. THE.FIT team works
    closely with the restaurant brand and local operators to make any
    final revisions to the Personalization AI.
  • Wide rollout: Once corporate management, local operators and guests
    are satisfied with the implementation and performance at the test
    locations, a rollout plan for remaining locations is developed.

Following implementation, restaurant brands and operators receive
detailed monthly reports from THE.FIT showing usage and personalization
trends of their guests, equipping them to optimize their menus and
operations accordingly.

As founder and CEO of THE.FIT, Scott Sanchez has lost 180 pounds in the
past decade and now trains as a competitive fitness athlete. THE.FIT was
born out of Sanchez’s personal health journey and frustrations while
dining out and is designed to mutually benefit restaurant operators and
their guests.

“Like many technologies, AI is only valuable when you can put it to use
to solve business problems or improve lives. I’m proud to say that our
menu personalization system at THE.FIT is doing both,” Sanchez added.

About THE.FIT:

THE.FIT’s Personalization AI platform helps restaurants better serve the
more than 100 million Americans who have specific diet or lifestyle
preferences. Personalized menus from THE.FIT help restaurant brands and
operators increase average ticket sizes, margins and overall revenue,
while improving guest loyalty and share of wallet. For more information
or to view a demo, visit