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ArtStation Previews NFT Art Platform With Drops From Renowned Digital Artists Starting on Wednesday March 10 at 9PM PST

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ArtStation, a leading online community and marketplace for digital artists today previewed a new NFT art exchange, with its first exclusive collection dropping on March 10 at 9PM PST. The collection will feature work from Halo art director, Sparth; pioneer of digital painting, Craig Mullins; Emmy Award winners Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera; Assassin’s Creed franchise art director, Raphael Lacoste; Scythe world creator Jakub Rozalski; former NASA astronaut Nicole Stott; Ubisoft concept artist, Donglu Yu; Monomi Park art director, Grace Liu; Wizards of the Coast illustrator, Alena Aenami and more. ArtStation’s mission has always been to help artists thrive, and this NFT platform brings artists and collectors a new way to build value in digital art.

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New NFT Art platform launching at (Graphic: Business Wire)

New NFT Art platform launching at (Graphic: Business Wire)

ArtStation hosts over 6.8 million pieces of digital art by leading professional artists in games, visual effects, media, and entertainment. For its first series of NFT art auctions, ArtStation has curated multiple collections of artworks with new drops releasing every six hours following the March 10th 9PM PST reveal. The auctions are open to the public; for more information sign up online and follow @ArtStationHQ on Twitter.

ArtStation’s take on NFT art brings unique value to collectors by enabling them to securely access original files for the pieces, along with the rights for display and purchase of exhibition quality prints for personal use. These additional rights bring real, tangible value to ArtStation NFT art that will help bring about broader acceptance of the technology, creating enduring value for artists and collectors.

“We created ArtStation to empower artists with an online platform to showcase their work, network and make a living doing what they love. ArtStation is in a unique position to fulfil the promises of NFT by offering distinctive value to digital art, and to bridge the gap between collectors and the world’s best digital artists,” says Leonard Teo, CEO of ArtStation. “We’ve gotten overwhelming demand from the ArtStation community for an onramp into the transformative world of NFT art as it finally enables digital artists to realize and maintain the value of their work. We’re launching this new NFT platform as a proof-of-concept and are continuing to evaluate our approach to this rapidly evolving space.”

ArtStation offers a unique approach in that, by design, it has existed with the core mission of helping digital artists further their careers. Many of the leading professional digital artists working in media and entertainment are among the two million plus ArtStation members, including the creative leads from some of the world’s top game development, visual effects and feature film studios including Marvel, ILM, Naughty Dog, 343 Studios, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, Pixar and more.

As part of its commitment to keeping this platform climate positive, ArtStation is contributing to offset the carbon footprint costs of any given piece of digital art transacted on the platform. Additionally, ArtStation artists must allocate a scaling percentage of their NFT Art proceeds to carbon offsets.

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Launched in 2014, ArtStation has grown into the world’s leading showcase, networking and commerce platform for digital content creators in the games, film, publishing, media & entertainment industries. ArtStation enables professional digital artists to showcase their work, learn and create beautiful portfolios, and is the go-to site for studios and recruiters to find and hire the best digital artists from anywhere in the world. ArtStation also provides artists with a platform to sell digital and printed products.