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ASG MarTech Launches “Traject” – A New Brand of Innovative Marketing Solutions For In-House and Agency Professionals; Establishes Traject Social and Traject Data

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Today, ASG MarTech, a portfolio of digital marketing tools, announces the launch of Traject – a new suite of innovative marketing solutions for agencies and marketers to grow their businesses and provide value for their customers. In addition to the umbrella brand of Traject, ASG MarTech launches two new sub brands – Traject Social and Traject Data. Customers will now be able to choose the software they need across social media management, review and reputation management, data visualization and analytics, and SEO, all under the Traject brand.

“The marketing technology landscape today is massive and complex. Customers may feel overwhelmed piecing together the marketing tools they need to successfully run and grow their business. We created Traject to simplify this process and bring together a suite of best-in-class tools. We want to give our customers a plug-and-play solution that works for them,” said Alice Song, COO of Traject. “With Traject, you can keep your marketing solutions with one provider and scale up or down depending on your business’s needs.”

The Traject suite of products includes:

  • Traject Social: a social media management software that helps you manage social media across platforms, profiles, and clients
  • Traject Data: a solution that brings together search and rank data with reputation and reviews to help you make the best decisions for your business or clients, at scale
  • Cyfe by Traject: a custom data visualization dashboard software offering a real-time view of your agency’s performance by integrating the key metrics of 60+ marketing and sales services
  • by Traject and newly-acquired GatherUp by Traject: reviews and reputation management solutions that help marketers better understand customer sentiment and drive revenue through online review management across 150+ review sites and directories
  • AuthorityLabs by Traject: a keyword rank tracking software that demonstrates the results of your SEO efforts by monitoring your search performance across multiple locations and devices

“When we set out to establish a new brand, we wanted something that reflects both us and our customers,” said Katelyn Sorensen, VP of Sales and Marketing at Traject. “One of our key values is #growthmindset, and we approach everything we do with that mentality. How do we continue to improve? How do we bring more value to our customers and their clients? Because of that, Traject and the ‘up and to the right’ connotation felt right for this new company we are building. All of our brands help to drive revenue and impact, and we want to help our clients find that positive trajectory.”

Customers can expect their current workflows to remain very similar, with more Traject branding and integrations to come over time. To view the Traject suite and take advantage of expanded access to Traject tools and discounts, visit the new Traject website.

About Traject

Traject is a suite of industry-leading marketing solutions for agencies and in-house marketers to grow their businesses and provide value for their customers. Traject solutions include: Traject Social, Traject Data, Cyfe by Traject, by Traject, GatherUp by Traject, and AuthorityLabs by Traject. Together, Traject provides a powerful suite of flexible, scalable, and innovative digital marketing tools. To learn more, visit

About ASG

ASG and its family of companies is a unique and fast-growing software business that buys, builds, and operates market-leading vertical SaaS companies. ASG believes deeply in the power of people and data to grow great organizations, and that sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources across its community of businesses drives exponential growth. Founders of leading SaaS companies continue to trust ASG to grow their businesses and build even stronger legacies for the future. To learn more, visit