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Aspen Insurance SSIMPLE™ Platform Provides Clients Extra Layers of Cyber Protection at No Additional Cost

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Aspen Insurance, the insurance segment of Aspen Insurance Holdings
Limited, announced today the launch of their cyber risk management
platform, SSIMPLE (“SSIMPLE’’), developed to assist clients
in the prevention and detection of, and response to, privacy and network
security incidents.

The SSIMPLE platform includes existing components of Aspen Insurance’s
Apex insurance policy and incident response capabilities, with added and
differentiating pre-incident services at no additional cost. Aspen’s
cyber insurance clients will now benefit from this one-stop, holistic

Josh Ladeau, Aspen Insurance Global Head of Tech E&O and Cyber, said:
“SSIMPLE is more than insurance. Customers enjoy a comprehensive breadth
of services, ranging from data leakage identification, to zero day
protection and vendor assessment. Most importantly, our dedicated team
of legal, privacy and network security professionals are actively
involved in the evaluation and implementation of these solutions that
are only available to Aspen’s US-domiciled, primary cyber policyholders.”

Designed and managed by Aspen’s in-house Certified Information System
Security Professionals (CISSPs), SSIMPLE combines Secure Systems
and Information Management Principles with the
benefits of Loss Experience. Complexity is often a barrier
to security, and SSIMPLE allows clients to leverage Aspen’s expertise
for streamlined access to such complimentary, third-party services as:

  • a web-based portal to assess cybersecurity posture;
  • Microsoft® Office 365® security auditing to
    evaluate existing configuration, identify solutions, and prioritize
  • resource access to develop and improve organizational controls (e.g.,
    policy templates, security training videos, and loss calculation
  • external network scanning to identify security risks for clients and
    their third party vendors;
  • Domain Name System (DNS) threat intelligence and tools to help enforce
    web access policy compliance and provide web usage analytics;
  • 24/7 endpoint monitoring to identify malicious activity, perform
    related forensic analyses and accelerate incident response; and
  • a web-accessible screening tool to uncover data leakage associated
    with recently accessed files and USB ports

Ladeau added: “Cybersecurity isn’t just an IT problem and spans beyond
reducing organizational risk. It is a business problem that requires
cultural integration and a genuine investment by leadership. Business
leaders, who acknowledge this and accept responsibility for addressing
cyber security head-on within their organizations, will enjoy a
competitive advantage in the long-term.

“For the insurance industry, carriers that are able to optimize risk
management services and offer in-house, technical expertise will be best
positioned to capture market share. Agents and brokers should consider
these factors when comparing the value Insurers bring to their clients
and the cyber insurance market in general.”

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