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AST Launches ProxyIQ™ to Provide Unmatched Speed, Accuracy and Cost-Effectiveness in Mutual Fund Proxy Campaign Analytics and Management

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AST today announces the launch of ProxyIQ, its transformative blockchain-based proxy campaign management platform. ProxyIQ provides mutual fund issuers with the best proxy campaign tabulation, reporting and predictive analytics available in the industry, allowing for smarter, more cost-effective campaign execution.

ProxyIQ streamlines the proxy campaign process by capturing voting data in a blockchain-based tabulation engine. Analytics optimize shareholder engagement, making the campaign more intelligent as it progresses. The platform provides tighter campaign control and allows for greater strategic alignment during the campaign. ProxyIQ measures shareholder sentiment and support for every proposal.

“ProxyIQ was designed to deliver deeper engagement, an improved experience and greater transparency,” said Marty Flanigan, President and CEO of AST. “The launch of this platform further demonstrates our leadership in providing ownership data management, analytics and advisory services to public and private companies as well as mutual funds. Building on more than 25 years of proxy management experience, we now offer issuers the most state-of-the art technology to enhance every aspect of the process.”

“What really differentiates ProxyIQ is its ability to provide unparalleled predictive analytics, campaign management, and cost-efficiency. ProxyIQ can analyze shareholder behavior across the campaign, and provide projections of how to best target unvoted pockets of shareholders. This allows for more informed strategic and cost-effective decision-making and campaign execution,” added Paul Torre, President, Governance, Proxy & Ownership Services at AST.

ProxyIQ is one of the first live use cases of blockchain technology which creates an immutable record of vote transactions and allows AST to support campaigns of any size without compromising processing speed or data security – proven on over 60 projects this year. Additional benefits include:

  • Advanced analytics that apply in-flight voting trends and historical experience to help predict how and when shareholders might vote
  • Issuer portal with a customized dashboard providing active oversight of project status, including: proposal status, quorums and more; monitoring investor sentiment and support for each proposal; and analyzing the voting breakdown by demographic, geography and investor type
  • Modernized and streamlined shareholder voting site simplifying the voting process while maintaining a high level of security
  • Expedited tabulation across multiple voting sources, including omni-channel vote reconciliation

“AST is leading the market with ownership data management and analytics, following the introduction of Issuer Central® , the only platform in the industry that combines and seamlessly integrates all of an issuer’s registered and beneficial ownership data in a single view,” noted Sue Lawrence, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at AST. “We are now proud to bring ProxyIQ to market as part of our commitment to helping clients harness the power of their ownership data.”

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About AST Fund Solutions

AST Fund Solutions is the market leader for proxy solicitation and shareholder communication services for the mutual fund industry in North America. Through its deep expertise and leading technology, AST Fund Solutions is able to optimize proxy solicitation campaigns and regulatory mailings for its clients. ProxyIQ™ is AST Fund Solutions’ transformative, blockchain-based platform for proxy campaign management, tabulation, reporting and predictive analytics.

AST Fund Solutions utilizes proprietary analytics examining the proxy voting and solicitation response behavior of fund investors, which includes insights gained from experience conducting solicitation campaigns involving thousands of funds and millions of shareholders. AST Fund Solutions offers a suite of services including:

  • End-to-end mutual fund proxy mail, tabulation and solicitation services
  • High-efficiency, tailored proxy solicitation solutions to achieve issuer objectives
  • Closed-end fund transfer agent solutions
  • Annual and special meetings
  • Rights offering information agent

About AST

AST is a leading provider of ownership data management, analytics and advisory services to public and private companies as well as mutual funds. We offer a comprehensive product set including transfer agency services, employee stock plan administration services, proxy solicitation and advisory services, and bankruptcy claims administration services. AST affiliates include AST Trust Company (Canada), D.F. King & Co, Inc. and Donlin, Recano & Company, Inc. For more information, please visit