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At IMS 2019, Teledyne Defense Electronics Unveils New Products Along with an Unrivaled Breadth of RF/MW Solutions

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Defense Electronics
(TDE) will be featuring a comprehensive mix of
the most advanced RF & Microwave products and capabilities next week at
the annual International Microwave Symposium 2019 in Boston in Booth
. Eight separate Teledyne brands currently offer a wide variety
of RF/MW solutions to leading companies and government agencies

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The industry's first K-band capable Digital-to-Analog Converter (Photo: Business Wire)

The industry’s first K-band capable Digital-to-Analog Converter (Photo: Business Wire)

These TDE brands together serve global customers in markets spanning
Airborne, Electronic Warfare, Missiles, Space, Radar, Test and
Measurement, and Satellite Communications. Participating Teledyne
companies at Booth 1124 will include Teledyne
e2v Semiconductors
, Teledyne
e2v RF Power — Defence
, Teledyne
, Teledyne
Microwave Solutions
(RF & Microwave Products), Teledyne
(TWT Products), Teledyne
/ Teledyne
Coax Switches
, Teledyne
, and Teledyne
Storm Microwave

The experienced engineering resources and research and development teams
embedded within TDE continue to develop and bring to market innovative
RF/MW technologies to meet emerging challenges in each of the markets we
serve. Here is an overview of the capabilities being showcased next week
in Booth 1124.

IMS 2019: Featured Teledyne Defense Electronics

  • The world’s first K-Band capable Digital-to-Analog
    (DAC) from Teledyne e2v Semiconductors, providing signal
    conversion up to 26 GHz for Ku-Band.
  • A new 1.35 mm connector provides additional design and connectivity
    solutions for the SF047EW (E and W Band) cable from Teledyne Storm.
    Regardless of the transmission media, the complexity and bandwidth
    needs of 5G signals require RF signal paths of exceptional fidelity,
    phase linearity and loss performance. The SF047EW
    is optimized for broadband connectivity––combining the
    proven durability and robustness of the Storm Flex® 047 cable,
    enhanced with improved insertion loss stability and flexure.
  • Breakthrough PCB thermal management capabilities using copper coin
    technology from Teledyne Labtech. Read
    the white paper
    contrasting this and other thermal management
  • Amplifiers,
    RF Modules, and a comprehensive line of advanced RF/MW Components

    from the experts in SWaP optimization, Teledyne Microwave Solutions.
    The product lines emphasize X, Ku, and Ka-Band solutions along with
    high efficiency GaN technology.
  • Compact, high power Q and Ka-Band traveling wave tubes (TWTs) with
    industry-leading frequency and power from one of the longtime world
    leaders in TWT
    , Teledyne MEC.
  • Microwave Power Modules, compact Helix TWTs, Multifunctional Microwave
    Assemblies, and RF Receiver Protection from Teledyne
    e2v RF Power – Defense
  • Two new 5G RF Switches from Teledyne Relays / Teledyne Coax Switches.
    The Indium Phosphide (InP) InP1012-60
    Active RF Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
    features a DC-60 GHz
    bandwidth, signal integrity above 40 Gbps, and 100ns switching times. The
    CCR-50U 53 GHz Coaxial SPDT
    features DC-53 GHz bandwidth, 5
    million cycle actuator life, and provides superior RF performance and
    signal integrity.
  • Millimeter Wave (mmWave) InP Power Amplifiers with the highest
    bandwidth and industry-leading efficiency from 30 GHz to 300 GHz from
    Teledyne Scientific.

About Teledyne Defense Electronics
Serving Defense, Space
and Commercial sectors worldwide, Teledyne Defense Electronics offers a
comprehensive portfolio of highly engineered solutions that meet your
most demanding requirements in the harshest environments. Manufacturing
both custom and off-the-shelf product offerings, our diverse product
lines meet emerging needs for key applications for avionics, energetics,
electronic warfare, missiles, radar, satcom, space, and test and
TDE is a business unit of Teledyne Technologies, Inc., a leading
provider of sophisticated instrumentation, digital imaging products and
software, aerospace and defense electronics, and engineered systems.