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athenahealth’s COVID-19 Customer Docuseries Reveals Need for a Connected Ecosystem to Deliver Accessible, High-Quality and Sustainable Healthcare for All

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athenahealth, a leading provider of network-enabled software and services for medical groups and health systems nationwide, today released the culmination of “Thriving on the Frontlines: Stories of Resilience and Resolve.” The series finale features insights from customers and athenahealth leaders as they discuss the uncomfortable truths about healthcare brought to light during the pandemic and the need for a more connected ecosystem. The video also features never-before-seen footage and commentary from physicians and practice managers at Garza Medical Group, Headland Family Medicine, Cahaba Medical Care, and Steward Medical Group, four organizations featured in the docuseries, highlighting how they are improving outcomes for their patient populations using athenahealth’s integrated solutions.

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase on both a national and global level, health systems and medical practices around the country are working around the clock to combat the spread and ensure patients receive the care they need during this time. The pandemic has exacerbated existing pressure and burnout on our nation’s providers, as they are expected to provide personalized care to an influx of patients often in a remote setting. To improve their ability to care for patients and their larger communities during this difficult time, providers must optimize their processes and workflows via technology that enables vital connection to information in real time.

“Data and information are the lifeblood of healthcare. For years, disparate information has been fragmented within the healthcare system, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on this disconnection and emphasized the importance of enhancing the flow of information to improve access, quality and sustainability of the overall healthcare system,” said Bob Segert, chairman and chief executive officer, athenahealth. “We’re focused on fostering a thriving healthcare ecosystem that enables information to be displayed and presented in powerful ways to help our customers, from large enterprises to small practices, build trust and deliver the best care to their communities.”

“Thriving on the Frontlines” provides an intimate look at how some athenahealth customers are navigating the uncharted territory of delivering care in a COVID-19 world. The first episode, “Built for This,” features Dr. Nora Garza and her staff at Garza Medical Group in San Antonio, Texas, as they work tirelessly to find new ways to sustain high-quality care. “The Full Picture” follows Dr. Niel Rasmussen and his staff at Headland Family Medicine in Headland, Alabama through helping their high-risk, rural patient population take control of their health via patient-centered care programs. “Seeing Something Bigger,” centers on Dr. Ernestine Clements, director of behavioral health Charity Laister, and their staff at Cahaba Medical Care in Birmingham, Alabama, to demonstrate how they improve care access and healthcare equity by building trust in local underserved communities. And “Joy in Practice” features Dr. Stephany Godfrey, COO Mark Scheyer, and their staff at Steward Medical Group in Boston, Massachusetts and how they leverage athenahealth’s technology to improve the patient-provider connection.

“One of this year’s biggest takeaways in healthcare is that the industry is not pandemic-proof. COVID-19 represents an inflection point in healthcare as we are all forced to look at the root problems in our existing system and collectively recognize the need for a better and more connected ecosystem,” said Jessica Sweeney-Platt, vice president of research and editorial strategy, athenahealth. “Through the pandemic, we have helped our customers stay connected and continue to do their work in a changing environment. We are inspired by how they have handled this unforeseen crisis and have been able to provide the customized care each of their patients need, getting us closer to a more equitable healthcare environment for all.”

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