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Atlas RFID Announces Launch of Jovix 3.0

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RFID Solutions
, the world leader in Material Readiness™ for the
construction industry, has announced the release of their latest track
and trace software is slated for Q3 2019. The new platform, called Jovix
3.0 is a powerful and elegant software built on a high-performance
platform with feature upgrades including configurable workflows, user
and role management, and no-limit mapping.

Jovix is widely known for connecting the power of auto ID via barcodes
and RFID to provide material visibility throughout the supply chain.
Jovix 3.0 Track and Trace focuses on supporting the user and providing
flexible features for each project. Jovix 3.0 will offer multi-language
options at the user-level supporting the industries increasingly diverse
teams. The platform’s responsive design will allow the web application
to accommodate roles that are rarely tied to a desk – moving seamlessly
from desktop to tablet to mobile. In addition, the platform allows for
configurability – meaning “Installation Work Package” could be renamed
to a “Work Order” to match the nomenclature of the project.

Intuitive features abound including no limit mapping – utilizing
satellite imagery to remove the restrictions of yards. Future releases
will expand this even further to drone images, CAD, EarthCam, etc. In
addition, materials will be heat mapped and clustered, expanding as you
zoom in. Automation features including auto identifiers and automation
rules boost productivity by removing manual steps such as changing a
material status based on the change of a location e.g. entering a
quarantine zone.

Atlas RFID is excited to launch Jovix 3.0 Track and Trace in Q3. CEO
Robert Fuqua shared, “We have collaborated with our customers, some of
the largest owners and EPCs in the world, and we are proud to bring them
a product that will make their jobs even easier. The market was once
reluctant to digital change, and we are seeing a whole-hearted embrace
of technologies including Jovix which are crucial to building the future
for the industry.”

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About Atlas RFID Solutions

is an award-winning material readiness application developed by Atlas
RFID Solutions specifically for the construction industry and has been
implemented on over 500
. Jovix combines web-based server software with mobile and
auto-ID technologies to extend access to information to decision-makers
in the field, as well as digitize and automate manual, paper-based data
collection. Jovix provides value for Owner/Operators, EPC firms,
contractors, fabricators, and suppliers by removing impediments to
productivity that result from material management issues.

To learn more about Atlas RFID Solutions or how Jovix is used on more
than 300 sites across the globe, and how it helps industrial
construction projects and operating assets increase efficiency, protect
schedule and reduce unnecessary costs, visit
or call +1 855-568-4151 in the US and +1 780-952-5222 in Canada.