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Atomist Releases New Drift Management Feature for Cloud Native Software

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Atomist, the company delivering modern cloud native automation tools, has announced its new Drift Management feature – a new component of its software delivery automation platform providing users with advanced visual reporting and a code consistency engine. Now in beta, this latest feature provides DevOps and enterprise teams with the information needed to ship faster, increase quality and improve security. With an automated way of achieving cohesion in the quality of their codebases, teams now have a single tool to expose, manage and fix drift in their code.

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Monitor aspects of your codebase such as Node dependencies, Docker configurations, Maven dependencies, and Git best practices. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Monitor aspects of your codebase such as Node dependencies, Docker configurations, Maven dependencies, and Git best practices. (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Organizations are under pressure to work faster and be more agile, yet legacy delivery tools aren’t designed for today’s containerized microservices environments,” said Rod Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Atomist. “Our goal is to enable teams to take back control of their cloud native development. With the addition of Drift Management, Atomist is the essential platform to comprehend your software landscape, drive your team towards convergence on best practices and achieve consistency across all delivery policies.”

A developer-friendly approach to drift management

Organizations need a reliable way to identify and fix drift issues. Atomist’s Drift Management feature is a developer-friendly approach that allows teams to visualize the usage of technology quickly, identify drift and potential problems, set policies to address issues, and track and monitor progress toward policy goals. Drift Management is now a part of the Atomist platform and used with any of the Atomist features or open source projects.

There are three core elements to this new feature:

  • Org Visualizer: An open source project for analyzing your repositories for drift. Start by developing and testing your own Aspects. By cloning the project from GitHub, a user can gain insights into their code — a highly efficient tool for exploration and contribution.
  • Drift Report: Provides a visual representation of what’s going on within an organization’s codebase to internalize complexities and showcase threats and vulnerabilities quickly. The Drift Report provides insight into each aspect of code, allowing users to drill down and set custom policies.
  • Policy Manager: Capture and track changes and variations in code, set policies that automatically apply updates and drive automated actions, and report on progress toward target policy. Users can monitor many aspects of their codebase, including npm dependencies, Docker configurations, Maven dependencies, and Git best practices.

Getting started with Atomist

Atomist and its new Drift Management feature is available for all pricing plans and users. New users can get started with the beta version here:

  • Start your trial: Sign up with a Github ID,

    • Once connected, the analysis of code begins and your Drift Report can be accessed.
  • Open source:

    • For enterprise organizations wanting to explore their codebase, this is a way to propagate ideas in code that can show patterns of analysis and a framework for reporting.

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About Atomist

Atomist is the software delivery automation company helping today’s leading DevOps and enterprise organizations with cloud native application development. Atomist focuses on automation and takes a unique view across the entire software development lifecycle. Not tied to a particular technology, Atomist can integrate with almost any technology stack or technology that a company is using. The company solves problems of complexity, visibility, and consistency. Founded in 2015, Atomist is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by Accel and Matrix Partners. For more information, visit or @atomist.