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AT&T, CTIA and iconectiv Discuss Efforts to Mitigate Robocalls in the U.S.

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With the rise of unwanted robocalls, ignored or blocked legitimate calls have a negative impact on U.S. companies and consumers. To solve this challenge, iconectiv in partnership with CTIA created Registered Caller™—the industry-backed centralized registry for verifying voice calls.


Registered Caller ensures that business entities and the telephone numbers they use get vetted, registered and verified, helping prevent legitimate calls from getting blocked or flagged as spam. In this session, experts from AT&T, CTIA and iconectiv explore how this helps maintain the integrity of one of our most vital methods of communication—voice calls—by providing voice service providers with a single source of truth for verified caller information. Panelists also answer some of the most pressing questions the industry has, including:

  • The state of robocall mitigation today and how a centralized telephone number registry helps enterprises better mitigate robocalls
  • How the June 30th STIR/SHAKEN FCC deadline impacted this initiative
  • Use case examples of the value of a centralized industry-backed source for trusted information


Panelist: Linda Vandeloop, AVP External Affairs/ Regulatory, AT&T

Panelist: Andrew Jurczak, Principal Member of Technical Staff, AT&T

Panelist: John Marinho, Vice President, Cybersecurity & Technology, CTIA

Panelist: Chris Drake, Chief Technical Officer, iconectiv

Moderator: Abraham Nejad, Publisher, Network Media Group



August 25, 2021



To view the session, follow the link here.

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