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Aupera Receives Strategic Investment from Xilinx to Enable Video and AI Acceleration from Cloud to Edge Data Centers

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Aupera Technologies, a Vancouver-based company providing highly intelligent video processing solutions for the cloud to the emerging edge network, announced today it has received a strategic investment from Xilinx Inc.

Founded in 2014, Aupera has created a new distributed heterogeneous architecture designed to address the explosion of live video in the Cloud and data center market, and the need for a scalable, high-density and power-efficient video processing solution. Powered by Zync UltraScale+ MPSoC devices, Aupera’s solutions target the growing need for greater compute and video processing performance in a highly efficient footprint. Using Xilinx adaptable chips, Aupera does not sacrifice flexibility while enabling new leading applications like cloud streaming and smart city that require artificial intelligence and video processing.

Aupera has long recognized the challenges that many data center providers and their architects face and the need to find new solutions to achieve the performance and power requirements necessary to deploy intelligent video solutions at scale. Several years ago, Aupera began to develop what is now their flagship product, the Aup2600 series hardware platform. Aup2600 is available in 1U or 3U chassis. The 3RU chassis can deliver the industry’s highest density live video transcoding and simultaneous AI in a footprint, cost and power envelope that is up to 20x greater than anything currently available in the market. Aupera provides a video plus AI software stack with flexible APIs to quickly build an application for fast time to deployment.

“Making video alive is Aupera’s core mission,” said Roy Liao, Aupera’s CEO and Co-Founder. “This simply means making every live video clip’s content understandable in real-time using AI analytics. Today, after multiple years in development, Aupera’s high-density video processing and real-time analytics solutions have been deployed at tier-one customers and are now expanding at scale. At the same time, we are thrilled to announce that Xilinx has joined our group of strategic investors,” said Liao.

“Aupera has demonstrated an impressive capability to address the challenges of live streaming and content delivery networks to bring low-latency, high-density video transcoding from cloud to edge,” said Johan Janssen, senior director of Video Acceleration Solutions at Xilinx, “We are excited to work with Aupera to leverage Xilinx adaptable intelligent silicon and AI tools to bring more compute to the edge, enabling the next generation of intelligent video applications.”

Aupera is active globally with the goal of addressing the rapidly changing data center landscape and ever-changing AI implementations for video live streaming applications.

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About Aupera Technologies Inc:

Aupera Technologies is a technology innovator which builds converged architecture of video transcoding, content analytics, and video storage systems. With our proprietary distributed computing and storage architecture, coupling with an AI acceleration engine, Aupera is building a next-generation video data center platform.