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Aver Inc.’s Value-Based Healthcare Platform Awarded PROMETHEUS Analytics® Version 5.5 Certification

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Aver Inc., the healthcare industry’s leading platform for value-based
contracting and episodic-based reimbursement, today announced the
achievement of full certification by Altarum Institute’s Center for
Payment Innovation on version 5.5 of the PROMETHEUS Analytics®
methodology. Achieving certification solidifies Aver’s market leadership
position to help payers and providers administer episode-based programs.

Aver builds upon its legacy as the premier suite of bundled payment and
value-based contracting solutions for BPCI, PROMETHEUS Analytics®,
and custom methodologies through innovative solutions supporting the
design, implementation, and administration of episodic-based payments.

“Aver embraces our position as a prominent driver of value-based
contracting services in the industry,” said Bill Nordmark, President and
CEO of Aver. “We have shown measurable results in lowering costs and
improving quality for health plans and providers who use our solutions.
Our certification on the PROMETHEUS Analytics® 5.5
methodology plays a critical role in offering the most advanced and
flexible solutions of any platform in the healthcare industry.

“Aver is very excited to continue its long-standing partnership with
PROMETHEUS Analytics® and to continue expanding adoption of
episode-based reimbursement in the industry,” Nordmark concluded.

Following the launch of its Bundle Benefit Management platform in late
2018, Aver now brings to market the first administrative platform for
end-to-end bundle payment processing. Aver’s analytics suite allows
health plans to determine which episodes should be targeted and which
providers should participate, allowing for network modeling to support
the implementation of episode-based programs.

Aver is focused on supporting and enabling its customers to innovate
through the launch of value-based programs and bundled payments.
Episodic-based reimbursement has proven to be the best way to lower cost
and increase quality for the industry.

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About Aver Inc.

Aver’s comprehensive suite of solutions helps healthcare payers and
providers design, implement, and administer bundled payment programs. We
distill the complexity of bundled payments into simple, actionable parts
with flexible, transparent solutions to ensure success in a value-driven
world. Aver’s solution offers health plans the most customization
capabilities in the industry, which allows our customers to more rapidly
expand their episode of care programs to cover more markets, more
conditions and more providers. Our experience and singular focus on
bundled payments, combined with the best platform in the industry and
end-to-end service, make us the market leader in bundled benefit
management. Aver is simplifying value-based healthcare.

PROMETHEUS Analytics® is a registered trademark of Altarum
Institute’s Center for Payment Innovation, formerly known as Health Care
Incentives Improvement Institute (HCI3).