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Avetta Shows Commitment to Safety Excellence by Becoming a Member of the Campbell Institute

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Avetta (,
the leading provider of supply
chain risk management
, connecting organizations with qualified and
vetted suppliers, announced today that it was accepted as a member of
the Campbell Institute at the National
Safety Council
, underscoring the company’s belief that environment,
health, and safety management is core to business success. Avetta shares
the Campbell Institute mission of helping organizations achieve and
sustain EHS excellence.

From its inception, Avetta has worked to set the bar for best practice
in certification and safety of participants throughout the supply chain.
Membership in the Campbell Institute is an additional way the company
can ensure adherence to the strongest safety practices in every industry
sector Avetta supports.

“Our commitment to safety is at the core of our mission and vision in
every respect,” said John Herr, CEO of Avetta. “Every improvement in
safety statistics is more than a measure of excellence to us, as this
metric, above all others, designates lives saved and quality of life
strengthened as we do all within our power to uphold safety standards
and prevent workplace injuries in every way that we can. Our membership
in the Campbell Institute is an important part of that effort.”

The Campbell Institute brings together top performing organizations from
around the globe and various industries to share best practices and
lessons learned among a broader audience. All Campbell Institute members
are vetted by the Institute in a rigorous process, underscoring each
members’ value of protecting their people and preserving their
communities and the environment. Each member is individually strong, but
collectively they can make a stronger impact.

“The Campbell Institute is proud to welcome Avetta as we work together
to advance the future of EHS. Each of our members offer different
perspectives and best practices that will expand the reach of the
Institute, and more importantly, improve workplace safety,” said John
Dony, Director of the Campbell Institute.

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About the National Safety Council

The National Safety Council (
is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate preventable
deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through
leadership, research, education and advocacy. Founded in 1913 and
chartered by Congress, NSC advances this mission by partnering with
businesses, government agencies, elected officials and the public in
areas where we can make the most impact.

About Avetta

leads the world in connecting leading global organizations across
several industries including oil/gas, telecom, construction materials,
facilities management and many others, with qualified and vetted
suppliers, contractors and vendors. The company brings unmatched access
and visibility to its client’s supply chain risk management process
through its innovative and configurable technology, coupled with highly
experienced human knowledge and insight. We contribute to the
advancement of our clients’ sustainable growth by protecting supply
chains from a wide range of potential risks through trusted contractor
prequalification, safety training and monitoring, regulatory compliance,
insurance/financial stability and other areas of risk. Avetta currently
serves more than 450 enterprise companies and 85K suppliers across 100+
countries. Visit
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