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Aviso Retention Announces Aviso Aspire Awards at Inaugural User Summit

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Aviso Retention, a student retention solution that helps underserved colleges and universities keep students engaged, optimize student success and increase retention, today announced the Aviso Aspire award winners at the inaugural Aviso Retention Virtual User Summit.

The Aviso Aspire Award is presented to institutions that have holistic success with student advocacy, innovation, impact, and support. This year’s foundation winner is Central Carolina Community College. As an Aviso Retention partner since 2012, Central Carolina Community College has seen an average increase of 9% in student retention for full-time students and an increase of 18% for part-time students while using Aviso Retention.

“Before Aviso, it was tough to focus our retention efforts where they could make the greatest impact. Our student support methods were largely reactive versus proactive,” says Brian Merritt, VP for Student Learning and Chief Academic Officer, Central Carolina Community College. “Now, with analytics in place, we have a deeper understanding of student risks and can intervene much quicker. The system has had a remarkable impact on our retention success.”

Aviso Retention announced winners of two additional award categories for innovation and impact in the fields of academic advising and success coaching with the Aviso Merit and Achievement Awards. The Aviso Merit Awards recognizes college partners who have shown a commitment to student success, campus innovations and continued contributions to higher education. Combined, these schools impacted more than 28,000 students. The winners for this year’s award are Chowan University, Isothermal Community College, Marion Technical College, Randolph Community College and Shawnee State University. Through their partnership with Aviso Retention, many of these institutions saw an increase in retention like Chowan University who increased fall to fall retention from 50% historically to 66% currently or Shawnee State University who saw an increase in full-time associate degree student retention from 55% to 70%. These institutions passion and dedication for student success and retention continues to shed light on the benefits of success coaching.

The Aviso Achievement Award is given to college partners who have made significant impacts on specific student populations and their community. This year’s winners include Columbia College for providing crucial support to thousands of students at over 30 locations nationwide, including extra support to military and veteran students and their families, Roanoke Chowan Community College who play an integral part of the Minority Male Success Initiative, providing success coaching to minority male students, resulting in a positive increase in course completion rates and persistence rates, and the Vermont State Colleges (Castleton University, Community College of Vermont, Northern Vermont University and Vermont Technical College) who are changing the status quo and emphasizing the importance of personalized assistance for student success with a focus on people, process and technology.

For additional information on award winners, check out Aviso Retention’s blog.

“Our virtual user summit event furthers Aviso Retention’s mission to encourage innovation and impact for student success in higher education,” says Alex Leader, Founder & CEO, Aviso Retention. “With the help of such great partners, we were able to determine how we could maximize everyone’s impact to create positive outcomes for underserved students. In doing so, we will be able to further ensure the prioritization of each individual student and their higher education journey, as well as come back in 2021 with even greater success stories for these students.”

This announcement follows Aviso Retention’s recent recognition of several new institutions to its customer base as well as the First In The World research study, in partnership with DVP-Praxis, JFF and Carolina Works, to uncover the impacts of success coaching in higher education institutions. Aviso Retention plans to continue its mission to advance student success at underserved higher education institutions and with at-risk students in 2021, including their Minority Male Success Initiative (MMSI) research in partnership with the North Carolina Community College System. This three-year study kicked-off in December 2019 and will report the first year of results in February 2021.

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Founded in 2012, Aviso Retention is a student retention solution that helps underserved colleges and universities solve some of the biggest challenges in higher education: keeping students engaged, optimizing the chances of student success and avoiding attrition. Aviso does this in a holistic way, by combining proven coaching methodologies with supportive software tools and predictive analytics.