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Avoma Introduces the First End-to-End AI Meeting Assistant

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announces the first AI assistant for customer-facing teams that focuses
on a meeting’s end-to-end lifecycle. It automates low-value tasks and
augments high-value tasks that one has to do before, during and after
each meeting.

“Today, to have just one meeting with a customer, you have to juggle
between 5-6 different applications. When you have 50+ meetings every
month, the amount of context-switching, information loss and inefficient
administrative time add up significantly. The worst part is, these
conversations disappear into thin air unless someone does the hard work
of taking detailed notes, analyzing them, and sharing insights with the
entire team,” said Aditya Kothadiya, CEO, Avoma. “Now Avoma can do that
hard work, so teams can focus their time and energy on closing deals
faster and delighting more customers.”

Sales and customer success meetings are traditionally gold mines for
customer knowledge and insights. Video conferencing tools have come a
long way toward making meetings easier to organize but they only solve
half of the problem. The issue of collecting and disseminating meeting
outcomes still remains unsolved. Avoma’s AI meeting assistant listens to
customer conversations, automatically transcribes them, summarizes notes
for key topics like action items, pain points, competitor mentions, etc.
and also provides actionable coaching insights.

Customers can search through keywords, listen to a recording based on
speakers or topics identified, review insights, and share important
clips with team members for faster collaboration. Armed with these
insights, management and cross-functional teams can now find previously
opaque trends and themes across all conversations to build data-driven
products, marketing campaigns, and coaching programs.

Avoma raised $3M in seed capital led by K9 Ventures with participation
from TSVC, HubSpot Ventures, Dragon Capital, and other prominent angels.
Avoma integrates with popular tools like CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot,
Zendesk), calendar (Google, Outlook), video conferencing (Zoom,
GoToMeeting), call dialers (RingCentral, Outreach, Aircall) and more to
provide a seamless experience.

“Avoma is making advanced automated meeting intelligence available to
organizations of all sizes,” said Andrew Lindsay, VP of Corporate
Development and Business Development at HubSpot. “We’re excited to back
Avoma as they embark on their next stage of growth, and expect the
company will bring considerable value to the HubSpot ecosystem and our

“We were fortunate to invest in Zoom in the early days and today it is
ubiquitous. Even as a venture fund, we record almost all of our Zoom
meetings to refer to key moments and insights, but it’s a very
cumbersome process,“ said Eugene Zhang, founding partner of TSVC
(formerly TEEC Angel.) “Avoma provides an enterprise-grade solution to
automate meeting minute analysis, a natural next step after video
conferencing and recording.”

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About Avoma

Based in Palo Alto, CA, Avoma was founded in 2017. Avoma’s vision is to
provide the most comprehensive AI meeting assistant — so customer-facing
teams can access all the tools required to manage a meeting’s end-to-end
lifecycle from one place and don’t need to juggle between multiple
tools, do low-value repetitive tasks, and worry about context switching
and information loss.