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B2B CFO Cements Position as Industry Leader with New Patent

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B2B CFO®, a national firm dedicated to providing management
advisory services
to privately held companies, has received a patent
for its B2B Exitsoftware.

Jerry L. Mills, founder and chief executive officer of B2B CFO, said the
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved the firm’s patent application
on May 7, 2019.

“We’re relentless about the importance of protecting our firm’s
intellectual property,” Mills said. “This patent application process
took perseverance, but our efforts have paid off. B2B CFO is a
one-of-a-kind company, and B2B Exit is a unique product.”

B2B Exit was created for business owners who are buying or selling a
company. In essence, it helps them keep control of the sales or
acquisition process by analyzing, adjusting and tracking differences
between a company’s current value and its target sale value. One of the
best features of the software is it tracks the assignments given to each
individual on the team and lets business owners know when important
tasks are late. Time kills deals and Mills believes business owners
should know when team members are not performing tasks on time.

Bo Burlingham, award-winning author, editor-at-large of Inc. and
a columnist for Forbes, wrote about B2B Exit in his book Finish Big:
How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top

Mills earned recognition from the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition
Advisors for his own book, The Exit Strategy Handbook: The Best Guide
for a Business Transition
, which he wrote as a companion piece for
the B2B Exit software program. The organization named Mills among the
five finalists for its Middle Market Thought Leader Award in 2014. The
annual award recognizes individuals who have made significant
contributions and impact on the middle market M&A space.

“With the patent at hand, we’re ready to implement the upgrades we’ve
been working on for B2B Exit,” Mills said. “To stay at the forefront of
your market segment, you have to continually innovate and drive change.”

About B2B CFO

B2B CFO provides management advisory services to owners of privately
held companies, with a focus on increasing cash and company value. The
firm’s services include improvements in finance, accounting and
operations, and company growth, as well as helping owners to transfer or
sell their companies. B2B CFO’s 200+ professionals work directly with
business owners, on site. Each is also an equity owner in B2B CFO and
has more than 25 years of senior-level experience. With a nationwide
presence, B2B CFO is the largest company of its kind in the United
States. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, B2B CFO has
ranked in the Inc. 5000 and was recognized in 2018 as one of Forbes
Magazine’s “Small Giants.” For more information please visit