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Backflip Launches Recommerce Platform out of Stealth to Make Selling Used Electronics Easy, Fast and Reliable

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Backflip, the platform offering consumers the most convenient way to sell old or used electronic devices, today announced its official launch. This launch follows a successful initial beta phase, in which Backflip paid out over $500,000 to its customers. For the 61 percent of Americans who have never sold or traded in their smartphone before, Backflip has created the easiest and most trusted way to get paid for electronics without having to haggle or struggle with shipping logistics. In order to eliminate the pain points that come with shipping fees and logistics, Backflip is announcing that it is working with UPS® as its preferred shipping option to give users all over the country the easiest possible shipping process that is fast, free and reliable. Customers can instantly sell their devices to Backflip with multiple, convenient shipping options, including free drop-offs and pickups.

Backflip can refurbish, reuse and recycle the millions of dollars of tech currently collecting dust in America. In its beta period, Backflip repurposed over three thousand devices that would have otherwise been sent to landfills or remained unused at home. The service accepts over 130 different electronics total, including most major devices–a significant differentiator as most recommerce platforms solely accept cell phones. These categories include: iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, MacBook, Amazon Kindle, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, headphones, game consoles, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, GoPros and smart home devices such as Ring and Google Nest.

“Everyone has that box of electronics that has been in their closet for years that they’re unsure what to do with. We want to help people get paid for the things they have lying around and turn that chore of reselling into a complete joy,” said Mike Barile, CEO and Co-Founder of Backflip. “Before Backflip, the process was risky and time-consuming, which made it not worth the hassle. We’re launching Backflip now to change the future of recommerce, so people will be able to sell their stuff and get paid at the tap of a button.”

After a customer answers a few quick questions about their device, Backflip offers a predetermined price and guarantees payment within 24 hours of receiving the item. Users then select the shipping method, with options to either hand their device with a unique code to an associate at one of nearly 5,000 The UPS Store® locations for no cost, or package their item at home and schedule a free pickup from UPS. Backflip provides tracking to ensure customers are paid within 24 hours of receiving the delivery.

“Unlike other resale options, Backflip prioritizes the user’s time and convenience,” said Adam Foosaner, CTO and Co-Founder of Backflip. “Forget the back-and-forth of negotiating over price and scheduling a meetup. We’re here to do all the work for the seller and make sure they get paid fairly and quickly. Backflip users can know that they’re getting the most for their devices without having to do anything other than bring them to The UPS Store or box them up at home.”

Backflip enables consumers to get almost instant liquidity for items they already have lying around. In the midst of a pandemic and a difficult year economically, many customers utilize the platform to make money for practical spending such as rent or bills. The company has seen consistent growth in beta and is looking to continue expanding, while also increasing the number of product categories it accepts for recommerce, including a wide variety of household items. In the weeks following the launch, Backflip aims to roll out a local courier program in Austin, Texas, which will offer customers same-day pickup and payment.

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Founded in 2019, Backflip offers consumers the ability to get instant liquidity on their used electronic devices. CEO Mike Barile and CTO Adam Foosaner created the platform when they attempted to sell their own devices and found out firsthand how risky and confusing the process can be. Backflip, together with UPS, offers the most trustworthy option in recommerce with a resale process so easy that customers feel guilty not getting rid of the box of electronics in their closet. For more information, visit