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BAE Systems Names ‘Partner2Win’ Supplier of the Year Award Winners

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BAE Systems recognized its top suppliers for its Combat Mission Systems business at its second annual ‘Partner2Win’ Supplier Awards ceremony on December 2, 2020. The awards, which were held virtually this year, recognize the company’s top-tier suppliers’ exceptional performance and delivery to help meet current and future customer demand in the areas of ground and amphibious vehicles, and weapon systems.

The ‘Partner2Win’ Supplier Awards program is designed to raise the bar of performance expectations to achieve quality product deliveries. This year’s top award, BAE Systems’ Combat Mission Systems Supplier of the Year, went to ContiTech USA, who has proven to be a reliable and trusted partner, delivering items to our production lines at a 100 percent delivery rating.

“Even with the challenges presented this year by COVID-19, we have worked as closely as ever with our supply chain to continue building the highest quality combat systems in the industry,” said Jeremy Tondreault, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems’ Combat Mission Systems business. “Our ‘Partner2Win’ Supplier Awards recognize exactly this – the top-tier suppliers who deliver on the same commitments and dedications we uphold as a company. With our partners, we deliver vehicles and weapon systems to ensure our armed forces are unmatched in battle.”

Leading the award winners were suppliers who had achieved outstanding results in key areas including overcoming COVID-19 challenges and exceeding quality metrics, as well as some businesses that are serving key business initiatives and under-represented areas within the defense industry. The following companies were recognized as stand-out award winners:

  • Maintenance Repair Operations Supplier of the Year: W.W. Grainger, Inc.
  • Overcoming Adversity Supplier of the Year: Glenair, Inc.
  • Quality Supplier of the Year: The Flinchbaugh Company, Inc.
  • Small Business Supplier of the Year: QE Manufacturing
  • Small Disadvantaged Business Supplier of the Year: TFab Manufacturing
  • Subcontracts Supplier of the Year: DRS Network & Imaging Systems, LLC

More than 20 suppliers received awards for achieving on-time delivery and quality standards in 2020 across our key programs:

  • Assault Amphibious Vehicle Supplier of the Year: Ronal Industries, Inc.
  • Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) Supplier of the Year: Leading Technology Composites
  • Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle Supplier of the Year: JWF Industries
  • Bradley Fighting Vehicle Supplier of the Year: York Electro-Mechanical Corporation
  • Combat Mission Systems Supplier of the Year: ContiTech USA, Inc.
  • Ground Vehicle and Aviation Seating: APV Safety Products
  • High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) Supplier of the Year: AMZ Manufacturing Corp
  • M88A2 Recovery Vehicle Supplier of the Year: American Tooling Center
  • M88A3 Single Vehicle Recovery Supplier of the Year: Hortsman Inc.
  • Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) Supplier of the Year: Staco Systems
  • M109A7 Self Propelled Howitzer Supplier of the Year: Staver Hydraulics Company Inc.
  • Mk 38 Naval Gun Domestic Supplier of the Year: Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Mk 45 Naval Gun Domestic Supplier of the Year: Century Tool Inc.
  • Mk 45 Naval Gun International Supplier of the Year: Rhinestahl AMG
  • Mk 110 Naval Gun Domestic Supplier of the Year: Duggan Manufacturing LLC
  • Propulsor Supplier of the Year: Progressive Engineering Inc.
  • Precision Munitions U.S. Supplier of the Year: Simmonds Precision Products, Inc.
  • Sustainment Supplier of the Year: Pinson Valley Heat Treating Company, Inc.
  • Virginia Payload Modules (VPM) Supplier of the Year: American Tank & Fabricating Co
  • Vertical Launching System (VLS) Supplier of the Year: Advanced Industries.

BAE Systems’ ‘Partner2Win’ program is a collaborative partnership with suppliers to achieve even higher levels of schedule and quality performance to meet current and future customer requirements. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards are presented at the ceremony to recognize our suppliers’ ability to deliver quality products on time and on budget throughout the year.

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