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BAE Systems Radiation-hardened Electronics in Orbit a Total of 10,000 Years

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BAE Systems’ radiation-hardened electronics recently reached an
unprecedented milestone marking 10,000 cumulative years in orbit. The
company’s technology has powered satellites and spacecraft for almost 30
years, delivering long-lasting computing in extreme environments.

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BAE Systems has more than 1,000 computers on more than 300 satellites, and our space computers have  ...

BAE Systems has more than 1,000 computers on more than 300 satellites, and our space computers have logged 10,000 years of flight time in Earth’s orbit and in deep space. (Photo: BAE Systems)

“Our radiation-hardened electronics are operating aboard more than 300
satellites today, and power key national space assets such as Juno and
InSight, that are discovering previously unknown details of deep space,”
said Ricardo Gonzalez, director of Space Systems at BAE Systems. “This
milestone is a testament to the outstanding reliability of these
advanced systems that are able to withstand the harsh conditions of
space travel.”

BAE Systems single board computers provide next-generation spacecraft
with the high-performance onboard processing capability needed to
support space missions for civil, commercial, and national security
customers. These computers command Mars rover terrestrial operations,
such as image and data collection, and direct guidance, navigation and
control for satellites, including telemetry, health, and status

The company’s newest Single Board Computer (SBC), RAD5545®, delivers
exponential improvements in size, speed, and power-efficiency over its
proven predecessors in the unforgiving space environment. BAE Systems
also offers a suite of radiation-hardened Serial RapidIO network
products, including the RADNET™ 1848-PS, an 18-Port RapidIO Packet
Switch, and the RADNET 1616-XP Crosspoint, a protocol agnostic SerDes
signal circuit switch and replicator. These networking devices
complement the RAD5545 SBC and allow the user to efficiently manage and
route data through the system.

BAE Systems radiation-hardened electronics are produced at the company’s
facility in Manassas, Virginia, which is a U.S. Department of Defense
Category 1A Microelectronics Trusted Source. In addition to world-class
electronics for space, the company’s integrated space-to-ground
processing solutions enable real-time decision making and accelerate
mission timelines for Department of Defense, national security, civil,
and commercial space organizations.

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