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Ballogy to Offer Amateur Athletes Official Combine Measurement and Testing

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Ballogy Inc., the innovative software company revolutionizing the way youth and amateur athletes prepare for their sports, announced today they will offer combine measurement and testing to pro and amateur athletes, teams, leagues and youth sports organizations as a combined certification service powered by the technology utilized in the NBA Draft Combine and recorded exclusively in the Ballogy app.

Ballogy testing is designed to take an athlete through a methodology of challenges and drills, providing real-time feedback from certified coaches. Official scores are recorded and preserved within an athlete’s Ballogy app profile for ongoing measurement and improvement.

As part of Ballogy Combine Testing, the company will now be certifying areas such as body measurements, power, speed, agility, reaction, and strength, as well as stability and balance. Results will be recorded and tracked exclusively in the Ballogy app so athletes and coaches can track physical development and athletic performance.

“We’re excited to offer the latest measurement and testing protocols, technology and processes as we continue inspiring growth and development in all young athletes,” said Todd Young, Founder and CEO of Ballogy. “With Ballogy, every aspiring athlete has access to a truly objective athletic assessment which leads to improvement and success.”

About Ballogy

Ballogy is an innovative software company revolutionizing the way youth and amateur athletes prepare for their sports. Ballogy’s unique performance tracking and analysis app and built-in certified testing program, enable young athletes to measure and evaluate their athletic development and improve their skills at every level of the game. Ballogy also provides a forum for individual players to connect, compete, network, and share with coaches, schools and teammates, via an easy-to-use app, giving young athletes visibility and access like never before. The Ballogy app is available for free in Google Play and the App Store.