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Banking CIO Outlook Names Vouched a Top KYC Solution

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Vouched, a rapidly growing developer of patent-pending artificial intelligence for end-to-end identity verification and real-time fraud detection, has been named a top ten know-your-customer (KYC) solution of 2020 by Banking CIO Outlook, a leading publication for senior-level tech buyers and decision makers in financial services.

“This distinction validates Vouched’s position as a cutting-edge platform for banks, money service businesses, and fintechs no longer satisfied with the status quo for slow and inconsistent KYC,” said John Baird, Vouched Co-founder and CEO. “We continue to innovate the ways in which identity can be verified, all while eliminating the time and cost associated with traditional identity verification.”

Vouched’s growth speaks for itself, as the company also announced it had surpassed 1 million people identified. As complex regulated activities like banking rapidly move online, speed and security are critical to power digital transformation.

Vouched serves leading banks and fintechs, and hospital, healthcare, and telemedicine providers. In addition, the company works in the employment and gig economy sectors, automotive sales and rentals, and apartment rentals and real estate.

“As Bitcoin tops $1 trillion and recent events like the WallStreetBets and GameStop saga demonstrate, previously niche activities are going mainstream,” said Baird. “Vouched is primed to accommodate the needs of banks, fintechs, and cryptocurrency exchanges to rapidly manage this influx of new customers’ identities efficiently and thoroughly.”

About Vouched

Vouched is proprietary and patent-pending artificial intelligence and computer vision that powers end-to-end visual identity verification and fraud detection online in real-time. An expert on more than 450 government-issued identity documents, including driver’s licenses, passports, and permanent resident cards, in 50+ countries, Vouched helps banks, gig and sharing companies, and hospital and healthcare providers verify and onboard users to provide access to life’s most critical services instantly.

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