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Barefoot Networks to Showcase Intelligent Fabric Solutions for Cloud and Communication Service Providers at ONF Connect 2019

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Barefoot Networks, an Intel company, a provider of high-performance and fully P4-programmable Ethernet fabric and interconnect solutions, will demonstrate innovative solutions for cloud and communications service providers at ONF Connect 2019, Sept. 11-13, in Santa Clara. These demonstrations include the open source Stratum switch operating system, P4-programmable Barefoot Tofino and Tofino 2 Ethernet switch silicon with Barefoot P4 Studio enabling network operators to design and deploy new features to move data faster and meet the demands of an ever increasing variety of workloads that need to be serviced by their networks.

Data creation is growing at an exponential rate and in a data world, the ability to move data faster, store more data and process that data is fundamental to deliver value. As workloads continue to become more communication intensive, the need for processing data as it is in motion is crucial for the fabric to keep up with performance gains in the compute infrastructure. Intelligent interconnect technologies provide the ability to communicate the data while extracting value from that data at an unprecedented scale.

Barefoot Tofino and Tofino 2 Ethernet switch ASICs deliver throughput from 2.0Tbps to 12.8Tbps and port speeds from 10GbE to 400GbE with a fully P4-programmable packet processing pipeline. Stratum is an open source silicon-independent switch operating system for next-generation software defined networks (SDN). With the ability to avoid the vendor lock-in of today’s fixed dataplane ASICs, Stratum provides a set of next-generation SDN interfaces including P4Runtime, gNMI, gNOI and OpenConfig, enabling interchangeability of forwarding devices and programmability of forwarding behaviors.

“Barefoot is delighted to showcase its next-generation programmable switching technologies at ONF Connect 2019,” said Ed Doe, Vice President in Intel’s Connectivity Group and General Manager of the Barefoot Division. “Our innovative and high-performance P4-programmable Tofino and Tofino 2 Ethernet switch ASICs together with the open source P4 ecosystem and the ONF community have enabled network builders to create solutions that uniquely meet their needs.”

Barefoot will showcase the 12.8Tbps Barefoot Tofino 2 using a 1RU Edge-core 32xQSPF-DD switch. Barefoot Tofino switch ASICs fully support the Inband Network Telemetry (INT) feature allowing network operators to gain not only full and real-time visibility but also create new congestion control mechanisms to improve the efficiency of the network. Tofino-powered switches when used in tandem with Barefoot Deep Insight–the world’s first network monitoring and analytics system that utilizes Barefoot SPRINT (Smart Programmable Real-Time In-band Network Telemetry)–can deliver per-packet and real-time visibility into the network.

“At Asterfusion we create solutions that best meet the needs of our customers by leveraging the power of P4-programmability as delivered by Barefoot,” said Ricardo Chen, Chairman, Asterfusion Technologies. “We are building innovative series switching systems from 1Tbps to 100Tbps under disaggregated and open architecture which will uniquely solve customer pain points including scalability to very large size of routing table, predictable end-to-end QoS and performance visibility by utilizing the 400GbE Tofino 2 switch series.”

“Senao is excited to partner with Barefoot to build switch platforms based on the 12.8Tbps Tofino 2,” said Ethan Huang, Marketing Director of Networks Computing business, Senao Networks. “The performance and flexibility of Barefoot’s P4-programmable Ethernet switching technology will create new network applications needed by cloud-scale and next-generation telco networks.”

Barefoot’s technology will be showcased in additional demonstrations at ONF Connect in its partners booths. To meet with Barefoot at ONF Connect 2019, please contact

About Barefoot Networks, an Intel company

Barefoot Networks launched in 2016 after two years of developing technology that built switch silicon with a forwarding plane that is defined in software while not compromising on performance. Barefoot empowers network owners and their infrastructure partners to design, optimize, and innovate to meet their specific requirements and gain competitive advantage. In combining the P4 programming language with fast programmable switches, Barefoot has also created an ecosystem for compilers, tools, and P4 programs to make P4 accessible to anybody. Barefoot Networks is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is now an Intel company. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter: @barefootnetwork. Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on LinkedIn:

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