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Barton Community College Moves to the Cloud with Ellucian

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Ellucian, the leading provider of software and services built to power higher education, today announced that Barton Community College (Barton), will drive innovation and student success initiatives on campus by moving Ellucian Banner to the cloud.

Barton Community College currently uses its on-premise Banner enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to effectively manage core university functions such as enrollment, payroll, financial aid and student data. To accommodate anticipated growth and keep pace with student expectations, the college recognized the need to migrate its data operations—including its ERP—from 55 physical servers to a more agile, cloud-based solution.

“Banner has been a key part of our core operations from enrollment to alumni engagement, so when we decided to move to the cloud, we knew that we could trust Ellucian to help us navigate the move while continuing to plan for future innovation,” said Barton Community College Chief Information Officer Michelle Kaiser. “Leveraging Ellucian’s Managed Cloud option will afford significant IT efficiencies, provide our community the continuous availability and upgraded features that only the cloud can provide and allow us to better focus on strategic initiatives that provide more value to our constituents.”

The cloud solution will allow Barton’s technical staff to shift its focus from physical infrastructure maintenance and manual updates, to the expansion of Banner to support core institutional goals. The managed cloud delivery model enhances scalability and security, providing additional protection and support for disaster recovery or security risks the college may encounter in the future. By strengthening its digital presence, Barton will drive student engagement and productivity, enable greater visibility into academic standing and ensure students have control over their own progress and timeline to graduation.

“Like Barton, an increasing number of institutions have recognized the value of moving to the cloud, including the long-term benefits it brings to both students and staff,” said Ellucian President and CEO Laura Ipsen. “With Ellucian Banner cloud, Barton is not only focused on maximizing IT resources but also setting a high bar for student experience and sparking thoughtful change on campus. We look forward to partnering with them to enable their digital transformation in the cloud.”

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