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Basic Food Flavors Selects ReposiTrak to Address Compliance Risk

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Inc., the industry leader in compliance, food safety and risk management
for the retail supply chain, announces that Basic Food Flavors, Inc. is
deploying the ReposiTrak Compliance & Risk Management solution to
automate compliance documentation at corporate, facility and item levels.

Founded in 1979 and headquartered in North Las Vegas, NV, Basic Food
Flavors is a leader in Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins (HVP) and the
natural food flavoring and extracts industry for industrial,
institutional and retail manufacturers in the United States. The company
offers HVP in liquid, paste, vacuum dried granules and spray dried
powder forms.

“We’ve been using ReposiTrak as requested by our customers and find it
very user friendly, so now we are asking our own suppliers to use
ReposiTrak for our required documents. It just makes it so simple to
have everything on one system,” said Geetika Duggal, Food Safety and
Quality Assurance Manager at Basic Food Flavors. “Having a system like
ReposiTrak in place, we are validating our commitment to our customers
for product excellence. We expect nothing less from our own suppliers.”

The Compliance & Risk Management suite includes the food safety and
compliance solutions that are a respected and trusted cornerstone of the
ReposiTrak brand. With 320,000 buyer/supplier connections across the
platform and endorsements of leading trade groups such as FMI, ROFDA and
GMDC, ReposiTrak has established itself as the industry standard.

“Basic Foods Flavors has seen the importance of working with ReposiTrak
to provide the best compliance management tools for protecting the
company from risk firsthand,” said Randy Fields, Chairman and CEO of
ReposiTrak. “We are especially pleased when current users of the system
understand the importance of compliance management and use it to hold
their own suppliers to a higher standard of excellence and optimize
their extended supply chain.”

The ReposiTrak Speed Retail Platform drives growth and supports
all supply and demand chain activities for retailers, manufacturers, and
their trading partners, consisting of three product families; Compliance
& Risk Management, Supply Chain Solutions, and MarketPlace Sourcing and
B2B Commerce. Delivered via one technology platform, all the
applications are mutually reinforcing and work synergistically to create
value and positive impact across the entire enterprise.

About Park City Group and ReposiTrak®

Park City Group (NASDAQ: PCYG) is a Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”)
provider that brings visibility to the consumer goods supply chain
through its ReposiTrak, Inc. subsidiary. ReposiTrak is The Speed Retail
Platform, with three product families; Compliance & Risk Management,
Supply Chain Solutions, and MarketPlace Sourcing and B2B Commerce. The
platform provides retailers and suppliers with a robust solution suite
to help enhance operational control and increase sales, while enabling
them to protect their brands, reduce risk and remain in compliance with
regulatory requirements. More information is available at
and at

About Basic Food Flavors, Inc.

Basic Food Flavors, established in 1979, prides itself on producing a
high-quality product with personalized service at competitive pricing.
Our investment into the HVP market is unsurpassed as our current
capacity is more than half of the HVP market of the entire North
American Continent. Our commitment does not stop with supply. We are the
leader in providing Industrial, Institutional, and Retail Manufacturers
with a wide range of high-quality products and competitive pricing. Our
product range encompasses Vacuum Dried HVP, Spray Dried HVP, IP
Certified NON-GMO HVP, and our newly developed Natural Roasted Yeast