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BCG Digital Ventures Launches Season 2 of Leading Tech and Culture Podcast, “Same, Same but Tech.”

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BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV), leader in corporate innovation and technology today launched the second season of its leading tech and culture podcast, “Same, Same but Tech.”

Hosted by Spotify’s new Head of Innovation, former Partner at BCGDV, and serial entrepreneur, Mauhan “M” Zonoozy, Same Same but Tech brings together the smartest minds in emerging industries to talk about the broad impact technology is having on society and culture. Same Same but Tech is a narrative-format show featuring captivating weekly topics that range from space tourism to plant-based meat to the rise of deepfakes.

After a breakout first season, which included landing a spot on the top 100 list of tech podcasts on Apple Podcasts within its first week, today’s tech executives’ favorite show is back to deliver real-world stories on how technology is reshaping our culture.

“Every part of our lives and culture is being changed by technology and innovation — from how we eat to how we travel to the way art is created,” said Same Same but Tech host Mauhan “M” Zonoozy. “I think that’s all so incredibly cool, and the awe and wonder of it shouldn’t be reserved for overly stuffy or academic conversations. Same Same but Tech invites some of the most fascinating people from leading companies, from Impossible Foods and Techstars to Dapper Labs, to tell amazing stories that are equal parts mind-bending, game-changing and fun.”

Following a wildly successful first season that included high profile guests ranging from the Founder-CEO of Blue Apron, the Co-Founder of Twitch, the CTO of GIPHY and Futurist at Paramount Pictures, season two is back with a vengeance, taking a new approach to sharing theories on the intersection of technology, culture and everyday life. New episodes drop weekly on Tuesdays and are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and everywhere podcasts are heard.

Same Same but Tech is a new type of podcast that really sheds a light on some of the radical trends in tech that are transforming our planet,” said upcoming featured guest and renowned American entrepreneur, Brad Feld. “Mauhan and I had a great conversation on how the world of distribution is changing and the impacts that will have on society. Let’s just say, I won’t be surprised if the imaginative tools of George and Judy Jetson are among us soon.”

As an extension of Boston Consulting Group, Digital Ventures is using the podcast as an opportunity to highlight corporate innovation and digital business building through extraordinary stories and analogies. Same Same but Tech showcases some of the smartest and most entrepreneurial minds in the world to share stories of how technology and innovation are changing the very fabric of our culture — from food to art to space travel.

To keep up with season two of “Same, Same but Tech”, learn more at, follow along on social media at @SSBTpodcast and subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or anywhere podcasts are available.

About BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV)

BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV) is the corporate innovation and digital business building arm of Boston Consulting Group. The organization invents, launches, scales, and invests in industry-changing new businesses with the world’s most influential companies. BCGDV’s diverse, multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, operators, and investors work cross-functionally, rapidly moving from idea to market in less than12 months. Founded in 2014, the organization has 11 Innovation Centers and satellite locations around the world.

About Mauhan “M” Zonoozy

Mauhan “M” Zonoozy is a creative tech entrepreneur, investor and executive with 15 years’ experience launching and scaling zero-to-one products in consumer and prosumer tech, new-media and the arts. A pioneer in innovation with a passion for exploring the complex intersection of technology and culture, Zonoozy is a former Partner at BCGDV and Spotify’s new Head of Innovation, where he will define the company’s long-term commercial and growth path and identify potential Spotify “moonshots.” Among his many accomplishments, the serial entrepreneur’s last startup, Bubbl, was backed by Warner Bros. and acquired by Cricket Media. Zonoozy is a cum laude graduate of Georgetown University, as well as a graduate of Georgetown Law and a Stanford Ignite graduate at the Graduate School of Business.