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BCS Announces Data Center Operations Master Service Agreement with Landmark Dividend

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BCS, the nation’s only independent, single-source data center operations provider, today announced signing a master service agreement to operate and manage critical infrastructure for Landmark Dividend LLC, a California-based high-growth real estate and infrastructure acquisition and development company.

The agreement capitalizes on industry trends of outsourcing data center ownership to achieve greater operations and management efficiency. Dallas-based BCS is designated as Landmark’s partner to perform data center operations and management for Landmark-owned critical infrastructure worldwide. Currently BCS operates and manages three Landmark data center facilities.

BCS provides data center facility management, IT services and physical security using a single, fully integrated, self-performance model. BCS employees perform a minimum of 80% of all services, in contrast with industry common practice of contracting with multiple vendors and subcontractors.

Landmark focuses on the digital infrastructure, wireless communications, outdoor advertising and renewable power-generation industries. They currently manage more than 5,000 assets for their private investment vehicles and Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP (Nasdaq: LMRK). Landmark Infrastructure Partners is a publicly traded subsidiary of Landmark established to acquire, own and manage a diversified, growing portfolio of real property interests and infrastructure assets.

BCS now has more than 6.8 million square feet and 150 MW of critical power under contract, including a large portion managing highly regulated, compliant, uptime-dependent financial service operations. In November 2019 BCS announced the operational launch for a U.S.-based global leader in cloud-based financial services.

About BCS

BCS is an enterprise-level, critical facilities operations company focusing exclusively on data centers. The BCS solutions portfolio includes facility management, IT services, physical security and a range of value-added professional services through one fully integrated self-performance model. BCS utilizes advanced technology and centralized services, including BCS CriticalWorksTM and the BCS Tactical Operations Center, to achieve increased performance, efficiency and scale. BCS serves the needs of Fortune 500 companies coast-to-coast with 28 data centers, 6.8 million total square feet (1.8 million in raised floor), and 150 MW of data center critical power under contract.

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