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Be Mobile Offers a Way to Earn 5% on Your Savings

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Be Mobile, the challenger bank focused on the African market, is excited to announce the launch of their new 5% per annum savings offering on both USD and EUR currencies! This offer is open to individuals and corporate organizations, including savings groups and credit unions.

Be Mobile has built one of Africa’s largest payment networks, covering thirty markets and twenty-two currencies. They offer banking for everyone, including those belonging to low-income communities that traditional banks often overlook.

Be Mobile is famous for its low-cost remittance offering which leverages blockchain. Be Mobile’s mission is to lift one hundred million people out of poverty through financial inclusion. Opening an account is free and can be done within one minute. Be Mobile offers various services, including international transfers, exchange of currencies at competitive exchange rates and simple payment transactions for both individuals and companies.

Be Mobile currently has users in Africa and internationally, including The United States, Canada, and Europe. This offering is available to all Be Mobile users.

Be Mobile’s new 5% per annum savings offer is done by leveraging the new field of DeFi (decentralized finance). They use DeFi because it is better, faster and provides the best risk-adjusted return to its customers. As such, Be Mobile is able to provide the highest rate of returns on savings in the world for a fiat account. It is also the first time a challenger bank provides a service powered by DeFi.

With the use of technology like blockchain and DeFi, it is expected that more traditional players will be displaced by smart contract type offerings.

The introduction of the 5% per annum savings offer is expected to be received well by customers of Be Mobile and bring in new clients both locally and internationally. It is available to both individuals and companies. This offer is designed for emerging markets and is being extended to the world.

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