Press release American Buyers Look Toward India for Diversifying Their Supply Chain

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The recent Sino-American trade deal, having exacerbated the rocky relations between the two nations, has Americans viewing India as a viable option to diversify their supply chain. India is without a doubt the Best Cost Country with manufacturers dealing in high-volume sales in categories like handicrafts, textiles, jewellery, stainless kitchenware, electronics, etc.

Indian e-commerce platform Beldara has announced that it’s opening its portal to American buyers. This platform matches suppliers with buyers’ requirements, using an intuitive software backend. Once you have selected the product online and wish to commence negotiations, Beldara offers a unique “Live e-auction”. This feature aids buyers to drive the online pricing, receive competitive bids from sellers at their desired price and receive real-time notifications of the auction results. 4700+ US buyers have already used e-auction for global sourcing.

Global wholesale trade has become quite easy with, which continues to develop services to help businesses do more and discover new opportunities by bringing them safe, transparent payment solutions via BeldaraPay and customs clearance via Beldara Ocean & Express. Registered users receive the services of a dedicated relationship manager for international sourcing.

“Beldara aims to empower businesses of all sizes, enabling them to succeed unconstrained. We live in a digital world where e-procurement activities are easy, fast and profitable. Beldara is moving forward swiftly by providing real-time communication facilities between the parties involved, ergo easing the process of doing business,” says Pradeep Khandekar, Founder and MD, Beldara.

“Beldara recognized an opportunity to re-shape B2B commerce by providing the instruments needed by companies to compete and work in today’s global marketplace. Beldara has a buyer’s back with innovative features such as e-auction, trade assurance, payment protection, and end-to-end logistics support,” says Adi Kapadia, Head of B2B Global business at Beldara.

About is the fastest growing platform for global B2B e-commerce that aims to simplify the process of conducting business globally. Started two years ago, the Beldara connects buyers and sellers in 127+ countries dealing with 30+ categories of products. Currently serving 5 million users, the Beldara B2B app is available on the App Store as well as Google Play. For more information visit