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Benu Networks Expanding Participation in Telecom Infra Project with Open Broadband Network Gateway Development

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Benu Networks is leading open broadband network gateway development for the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Open Optical & Packet Transport (OOPT) Project Group, which is set to revolutionize the networking industry as we know it. The TIP OOPT Project Group was born out of the desire to break down barriers to providing better connectivity. The OOPT project group is actively defining open technologies, architectures and interfaces in Optical and IP Networking, with a unified goal to accelerate innovation in optical and IP networks and ultimately help operators provide better connectivity for communities all around the world.

Traditional broadband network gateway (BNG) deployments make up one of the most significant costs in delivering fixed broadband services. Historically, BNGs were designed as proprietary blackboxes, which required custom integration into network operator environments. Benu Networks is driving the open broadband network gateway (BNG), which decouples hardware and software, making it possible to be agile and scalable as market needs shift.

“We are thrilled that Benu Networks are leading the way with the TIP OOPT Open BNG initiative,” comments Victor Lopez Alvarez Co-Chair of the TIP OOPT Project Group. “The development of open broadband network gateways demonstrates how disaggregated solutions can accelerate network transformation and enhance connectivity, whilst providing cost savings and network efficiencies for operators.”

Technology has evolved to be more open and interoperable, which has allowed the widespread adoption of practices like DevOps, CI/CD, and other automation to speed up development and delivery. The open BNG project leans into the open disaggregated routers initiative, a cornerstone of the OOPT project. With an open, disaggregated BNG, operators will be able to decrease costs while increasing flexibility, revenue, and efficiency.

“We’re thrilled to be able to dedicate our efforts towards a project that exemplifies our company values,” says Mads Lillelund, CEO of Benu Networks. “The TIP OOPT Open BNG initiative is aligned with Benu’s product strategy and BNG deployment, which prioritizes flexibility and versatility by empowering operators to layer services on top of the BNG, scale up or down as needed, and customize their solutions. To accomplish this, we’re focusing on control plane/user plane disaggregation, BNG user plane pipeline based on virtualized and cloud-native software or different hardware options, including bare metal servers, leaf switch fabrics and Smart NICs.”

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