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Beyond Borders: International Sales Growth Made Easier with Communitech Outposts

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Communitech is launching a new service, Communitech Outposts, to help Canadian companies hire international sales employees and accelerate growth in global markets.

“Communitech Outposts offers an unprecedented level of support to Canadian companies looking to do business internationally,” said Iain Klugman, CEO, Communitech. “We are proud to be able to give scaling customers peace of mind so they can focus in new markets on talent acquisition and revenue growth.”

Announced today at the company’s annual general meeting, Communitech Outposts grew from an idea from Dave Caputo, a member of Communitech’s Board of Directors. Through his previous leadership of Waterloo-based companies PixStream and Sandvine, Caputo gained first-hand experience growing global tech companies and the headaches that accompany international employment. PixStream was able to quickly expand internationally by tapping into the help of a major investor, who had offices around the world that could handle hiring for them. Sandvine did not have such access and had to handle international hiring on its own, resulting in long delays and complications.

“Having a trusted partner who can handle the back-office headaches of international personnel is a huge time and cost saver,” Caputo said. “Communitech Outposts will save companies at least nine months in set-up time while lowering the risks associated with managing employment in foreign countries.”

Canadian growth firms looking to do business across borders can now engage Communitech Outposts to manage all aspects of employing people in international jurisdictions – payroll, benefits and statutory filings. By establishing and registering legal entities in other countries, Communitech can employ people selected by participating Canadian companies, enabling them to enter new markets faster than ever with minimal regulatory risk.

At launch, Communitech has confirmed participation in this program with a number of customers including ShinyDocs, a data management solution. “The moment that [Outposts] was presented to us, we jumped at the opportunity,” said Shinydocs CEO Jason W. D. Cassidy. “This, for me, is about both cost-effectiveness as well as reducing the risk associated with the happiness and appropriate treatment of staff.”

Through partnerships with business development organizations across the country, Communitech Outposts will offer customers such as ShinyDocs preferred access to incentive grant and loan programs to further facilitate international expansion plans.

Upon launch, Communitech Outposts will initially be available in markets throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. By the end of 2020, Communitech aims to have established entities in all countries within the G7.

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