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BHMI Joins the U.S. Faster Payments Council

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Recognizing the need for a collaborative approach with other leading industry stakeholders to further the adoption of faster payments at a national level, BHMI, a leading provider of enterprise software applications and creator of the Concourse Financial Software Suite™, announced it has officially joined the U.S. Faster Payments Council (FPC).

As a national, industry-led organization, the FPC seeks to foster a universal faster payments system where Americans can safely and securely make payments to anyone, anywhere, at any time with near-immediate funds availability. As a new member of the FPC, BHMI supports the organization’s goals to create a payments environment that is fair, flexible, and transparent for all. BHMI looks forward to working with other leading industry organizations to confront and overcome the obstacles to faster payments adoption.

“The FPC’s main goal is to create a forum for industry dialogue and collaboration among our members to support the adoption of faster payments at the national level and tackle the challenges that inhibit this process. We welcome BHMI’s support, industry experience and expertise, and appreciate the team’s commitment to our mission of continuing and advancing this important conversation,” said Kim Ford, Executive Director for the FPC.

“While our industry has continued to rapidly evolve and face key issues in many areas, we consider one of the most important to be the safe, effective adoption of near real-time payments systems,” said Dr. Jack Baldwin, CEO of BHMI. “We share the FPC’s vision of creating an open, collaborative dialogue among all stakeholders so we can best address this issue and develop a true faster payments roadmap. We look forward to working with our fellow members to advance the faster payments initiative.”

About the U.S. Faster Payments Council (FPC)

The FPC is an industry-led membership organization whose mission is to facilitate a world class payment system where Americans can safely and securely pay anyone, anywhere, at any time and with near-immediate funds availability. By design, the FPC encourages a diverse range of perspectives and is open to all stakeholders in the U.S. payment system. Guided by principles of fairness, inclusiveness, flexibility and transparency, the FPC will use collaborative, problem-solving approaches to resolve the issues that are inhibiting broad faster payments adoption in this country. For more information, please visit

About BHMI

BHMI is a leading provider of product-based software solutions focused on the back-office processing of electronic payment transactions. The company is best known as the creator of the Concourse Financial Software Suite™ – a unique integrated collection of back-office products allowing companies to quickly and easily adapt to the rapidly changing world of payments. Concourse is a cohesive and integrated package, including settlement, reconciliation, fees processing, and disputes workflow management, that reduces the cost and complexity of back-office processing. Concourse’s continuous processing, near real-time architecture and powerful rules engine is ideally suited for new payment initiatives like P2P and enables companies to perform back-office processing for any type of payment transaction. To learn how your company can benefit from the power and flexibility of Concourse, please visit