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Bidgely CARE Driving Utility Call Center Savings Through Artificial Intelligence

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The Bidgely CARE utility call center solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is delivering reduced average handling times (AHTs) for high bill calls from utility customers by nearly three minutes while also equipping customer service representatives (CSRs) with better program targeting and recommendations to improve customer satisfaction. At Florida Power & Light (FPL), CARE is actively being used by over 100 CSRs, who recently reported a rating of 4.8 out of 5 for the tool. An average of 8,000 account searches have been conducted monthly using the CARE solution, revealing specific insights into why a customers’ bill was not aligned with their expectations.

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Katy Martin, customer service manager and CX specialist for FPL commented at the Bidgely Engage 2019 event that FPL is using Bidgely CARE to help improve customer experience, noting, “For high bill call scenarios specifically, we used Bidgley to replace a very antiquated tool where we had to ask multiple customer questions in order to get to the most simple answer. Now we have this wonderful tool with many insights that are already there for us as soon as we open it. This provides the customer with security and confidence in the information we are providing them without having to answer questions.”

CARE, launched in 2019 to global utilities, is improving customer experience by layering AI on top of customer usage data to create personalized energy profiles for use by CSRs. These deep energy profiles can identify anomalies at an appliance level, like appliance malfunctions, which enable CSRs to pinpoint why a customer might be calling the contact center. Part of the UtilityAI Platform of hyper-personalization utility solutions, CARE drives customer satisfaction, reduced cost-to-serve and increased customer self-service through modules including:

  • Action Advisor: offers personalized customer insights and recommendations as well as automatically finds the highest value offers, rebates and products.
  • High Bill Analyzer: quickly identifies reasons for high bills to reach a timely resolution and reduces escalations and truck rolls while driving improved customer experience.
  • Alerts Enrollment: alerts proactively inform and educate customers about usage to reduce high bill shock and, as a result, reduce call center calls.
  • Engagement View: provides a 360-view of all customer interactions from email, calls and portal logins.
  • Remote Audit and Co-Browse: helps customers complete their home energy audit/assessment for further personalization of recommendations.

“The level of personalization that AI creates is bringing solid business results to groups across a utility – from the call center to demand-side management to grid planning,” said Bidgely CMO Gautam Aggarwal. “As highlighted by FPL, the ability to know what’s happened recently on an individual account to hone in on why the call is incoming builds enormous trust in utility call centers. Then when CSRs take it a step further and enroll customers in relevant programs, rate plans and offers, utilities begin to experience the full value that AI and personalization can bring to customer care.”

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