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Big Data Experts at Quantzig Reveal the Mega Trends Set to Transform the Digital Media Industry in 2020

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Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics solutions and data science services, today announced the completion of its recent article that sheds light on the upcoming digital media industry trends.

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The increase in penetration of mobile and internet presents digital media service providers with ample opportunities to fuel the continuous conversations that this connectivity allows,” says a digital analytics expert at Quantzig.

Key highlights-

  • Big data is making an impact on the digital media industry. Now it is much easier for the content producers to connect to the content consumers and increase content offerings according to their preferences.
  • AI is increasing the scope for digital media industry players to level up their content offerings.
  • The sudden and abrupt shift in demographics is having a dramatic impact on what consumers expect from the digital media industry.

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Digital media industry players are continuously struggling to gain a competitive edge in the market. However, the advent of technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and machine learning have made it easier for digital media companies to understand customer expectations and market needs. But the most challenging job for the digital media industry is to reach the target audience. Effective engagement with end consumers is still the secret of success for companies in the digital media industry. As the digital media industry adapts to the changing habits of its customer base, our experts have witnessed significant changes such as startup disruption and regulatory uncertainties, both of which impact growth. Read the complete article for comprehensive insights:

The major challenges for digital media industry players are regulatory uncertainties and massive startup disruptions. Speak to our experts to learn more about the challenges curtailing growth in the digital media industry.

Emerging Digital Media Industry Trends 2020

  1. Changing demands- With the growth in globalization, demand for digital media services now has to focus on convenience, education, premium content, and video-on-demand service. Especially with the growing countries, this shift of behavior is very prominent.
  2. The shift in consumer behavior- With urbanization spreading across the digital media industry players now are facing a huge shift in consumer behavior due to changes in lifestyle. Now consumer expectation has changed and most of them expect entertainment on the go. The major chunk of consumers are the millennials who expect a customized service which is giving the digital media companies a tough time.
  3. Emerging technology trends- With the advent of internet and mobile, now the content creators are getting better opportunities to relate to their consumers which, in turn, is helping them better understand their needs and market developments.

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