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Bigtincan Releases Microlearning Courses to Address COVID-19

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Bigtincan, the leader in mobile, AI-powered sales enablement automation, today announced a customer care plan to support sales enablement professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of this effort, the company has announced two new community courses available in the Bigtincan Zunos learning tool to help its customers manage just-in-time training, microlearning, internal communications and compliance. These microlearning courses are now available here.

The first course entitled “Comprehensive Coronavirus Toolkit” provides easy access to basic information including “how to do your part,” latest news from major outlets and one-tap access to government resources. The second course, “Working Remotely,” provides tips, tricks and resources for remote workers. In addition, Bigtincan provides templates and methods for organizations to provide their internal communications and policies to employees within Bigtincan Zunos.

“We’re working alongside our customers to help flatten the COVID-19 curve and want to support them by providing resources that help make this possible,” said David Keane, CEO of Bigtincan. “As such, these Bigtincan applications are designed to enable companies to address the training and communication challenges created by unprecedented numbers of employees working from their homes.”

Current customers can get access to Bigtincan Zunos free of charge through December 31, 2020 – including both courses as starting materials.

In addition, Bigtincan will host a webinar on Thursday March 19 at 10am EST in conjunction with the Sales Enablement Society focusing on empowering front-line sales managers. Bigtincan will make the course and its Zunos platform available to qualified attendees and members in marketing, sales enablement and sales training roles.

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