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BIGtoken Offers Cryptocurrency Payments to Users, Employees, and Vendors in Partnership with Gilded

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BIGtoken® Inc., the first privacy focused, opted-in data marketplace where people own and monetize their data, announces its partnership with Gilded, a leading provider of business payment and accounting solutions, to offer bitcoin as a reward choice for BIGtoken’s 9M+ verified users, as a salary choice for its employees, and as a payment choice for its vendors.

“We believe that crypto is the biggest thing to happen in the history of humanity,” says BIGtoken CEO Lou Kerner. “Offering bitcoin as a payment option to our users, employees, and vendors is just another step on our journey to becoming a crypto-centric enterprise.”

Gilded facilitates instant global payments with cryptocurrency without taking custody of funds or charging transaction fees. Integrated with popular CRMs, bookkeeping systems, and exchanges like Coinbase, Gilded supports a blockchain-enhanced back office workflow from payments to accounting. With Gilded, a company can send programmable invoices with automatic payment detection and reconciliation—essentially putting AR and AP on autopilot.

In addition to cryptocurrency, Gilded supports traditional payment channels like credit card and bank wires so customers can choose their preferred method of payment.

Through Gilded, BIGtoken will add bitcoin as a redemption option—in addition to cash and gift cards—to its global user base. A poll which asked BIGtoken users whether they’d be interested in a bitcoin payment option showed that 74% of respondents are interested. BIGtoken will also offer it as a payment option to its vendors and its employees, allowing them to take all or part of their salaries in bitcoin.

“Innovative companies like BIGtoken that are early to embrace crypto are gaining access to a whole new avenue of value creation,” said Gilded CEO Gil Hildebrand. “The financial infrastructure of the world is swiftly changing and Gilded is pleased to work with BIGtoken at the forefront of this new decentralized global economy.”

About Gilded

Gilded helps global companies scale by automating cryptocurrency payments and accounting. Gilded’s invoicing, payment and accounting software helps businesses get paid faster and more transparently, with dramatically lower fees.

Founded in 2018, Gilded is backed by Techstars and the Association of International Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

In 2020, Gilded announced partnerships with TrustToken, Paxos and Stablecorp to offer the world’s first B2B payment solution powered by stablecoins. With Gilded’s stablecoin payments product, businesses now have access to instant global settlement and fee-free liquidity. Visit to learn more.

About BIGtoken

BIGtoken® believes that data privacy is a human right. BIGtoken is the first privacy focused, opted-in data marketplace where users own and monetize their data. Through a transparent platform and consumer reward system, BIG offers users choice, transparency, and compensation for their anonymized data. Participating consumers earn rewards and advertisers and media companies get access to insights from compliant first-party data for marketing and media activation. For more information on BIGtoken, visit