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BioBam Bioinformatics Releases OmicsBox 2.0

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BioBam announced last week the release of OmicsBox 2.0. This new version of BioBam’s bioinformatics solution offers a user-friendly data analysis platform that allows researchers to easily gain biological insights from next-generation sequencing data. The software offers “out-of-the-box” data analysis and functional interpretation of genomic, transcriptomic and metagenomic datasets for industry, academic and governmental research biologists.

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New Release of Bioinformatics Software OmicsBox Version 2.0 (Graphic: Business Wire)

New Release of Bioinformatics Software OmicsBox Version 2.0 (Graphic: Business Wire)

Dr. Stefan Götz said: “I am very excited about our latest OmicsBox release. Highlights of this new version are definitely the unique set of microbiome data analysis tools as well as the new pathway analysis features. The pathway tool allows the combination of functional information with expression data and helps identify and visualize altered biological pathways of any organism with ease. I am convinced many of our existing and new users will love these new features.”

OmicsBox is structured in modules and can be configured accordingly. Available modules are: Genome Analysis, Transcriptomics, Functional Analysis and Metagenomics. The new “Combined Pathway Analysis” tool is part of the Functional Analysis Modules and allows identification of pathways from multiple databases for any set of sequences, including datasets without pre-existing functional information. The tool allows calculation of enrichment based on gene expression, and the comprehensive results highlight top candidates. Interactive visualizations make it easy to review the details of altered elements within an enriched pathway map, including heatmaps for reactions, enzymes or other proteins. The Functional Analysis Module also includes the Blast2GO functional annotation methodology, another feature that makes OmicsBox especially popular for non-model organism research. This is demonstrated by over 10,000 scientific citations over the last years. Since OmicsBox relies on cloud computation for “heavy duty” bioinformatics algorithms, for example genome assemblies or other CPU or memory consuming tasks, all tools can be run conveniently from within OmicsBox on any standard PC or laptop. OmicsBox is based on a subscription model with very flexible licensing options and is already used by top private and public research institutions worldwide. More information can be found on

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