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Biocom Institute Awarded Grant to Support Veterans’ Careers in the Life Sciences

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Biocom Institute, the non-profit workforce development and science,
technology, engineering and math (STEM) arm of Biocom,
today announced that it has received a $150,000 Workforce Accelerator
Fund grant from the California Workforce Development Board to help
introduce veterans to careers in the life sciences.

The grant will help to support Biocom Institute’s “Gateway to Life
Science Careers for Veterans” project, a mission that will accelerate
the recognition of veterans’ existing skills and provide educational
opportunities and networking with leaders from the life science
industry. This includes creating the Veterans in Life Science Virtual
Network (VLSVN), a resource aimed at improving job matching and
assessment strategies to accelerate employment, as well as hosting a
number of career symposiums and fairs, workshops and mentorship programs.

“By providing a comprehensive set of resources for veterans looking to
enter the industry, this grant will ultimately support the talent crisis
our rapidly accelerating life science landscape is currently facing,”
said Joe Panetta, CEO of Biocom. “Given the crossover of skillsets
between veterans and the life science workforce, such as communication,
leadership and mission-driven values, this group of individuals will
synergistically support our industry in a broad range of ways.”

About Biocom Institute

Biocom Institute provides a rich array of programs to accelerate the
growth of the life science ecosystem through workforce development and
STEM education programs. Our industry-leading initiatives drive success
for professionals eager to expand and enrich their skill set. Our
world-class Science and Engineering Festival inspires today’s students
to become future leaders. With a goal to invigorate the student
community of California to embrace a career in STEM, and attract the
best and brightest talent for long-term careers in life science, the
Biocom Institute is a driving force in shaping the Science of Life. The
Biocom Institute is an affiliate of Biocom, the largest and most
experienced advocate for California’s life science sector. and @BiocomInstitute.

About the California Workforce Development Board

The California Workforce Development Board (State Board) was established
in 1998, as outlined in the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA). In
2014, the WIA was replaced by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity
Act (WIOA), which outlines the vision and structure through which state
workforce training and education programs are funded and administered
regionally and locally. The State Board is responsible for the oversight
and continuous improvement of the workforce system in California, which
encompasses a wide array of work, including: policy development;
workforce support and innovation; and performance assessment,
measurement and reporting. The State Board manages multiple grants and
initiatives aimed at reorienting and realigning California’s workforce
programs and institutions, to support a dynamic and globally successful
state economy that offers all residents an opportunity for a higher
quality of life.

About the Workforce Accelerator Fund

The California Workforce Development Board and the Employment
Development Department funded projects that design, develop, and
implement projects that accelerate employment and re-employment
strategies for California job seekers. The State Board and EDD will fund
projects and partnerships to create and prototype innovative strategies
that bridge education and workforce gaps for targeted populations, and
initial implementation of promising models and practices in workforce
system service delivery infrastructure.