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Biopharma IT Leader Natalie White To Join Riffyn’s Executive Team

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Riffyn, a global provider of cloud software for scientific process design and data analytics, announced today that Natalie White, a leader in biopharma IT, has joined Riffyn’s executive team as the company’s Executive Director of Business Development.

White previously held senior roles in strategy and operations at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Core Informatics. She led the definition and implementation of the global operating structure for Thermo Fisher’s corporate-level digital science transformation initiative, and the creation and implementation of the marketing strategy for Core Informatics. White established Core as the technology leader in the LIMS industry, which was cited as key to its $94M-acquisition decision by Thermo Fisher. Her experience in building strategic relationships with industry leaders in biopharma R&D and launching scientific workflow solutions will be invaluable to elevating Riffyn’s core mission to develop solutions that enable researchers to make more scientific discoveries from their data.

“Natalie’s deep experience in life science IT innovation, from start-ups to the largest enterprises, is a huge asset to Riffyn’s business and corporate development as we execute our strategy for an interoperable data ecosystem in R&D,” said Timothy Gardner, Founder and CEO of Riffyn.

“Riffyn’s process-centric approach to driving improved R&D outcomes is directly aligned with today’s requirements for scientific innovation: namely, increased transparency and flexibility while improving quality,” said White. “I’m thrilled to join this talented team, and look forward to delivering additional value to customers through partnerships and new product development.”

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