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BISTel’s New A.I. Powered Equipment Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Solution for Smart Manufacturing Eliminates Downtime

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BISTel, a leading supplier of adaptive intelligence (A.I.) applications and equipment engineering solutions (EES) for smart manufacturing introduced a next-generation, A.I. powered equipment health monitoring and predictive maintenance (HMP) solution for smart manufacturing. HMP provides manufacturers with real-time, actionable insights into the health of their equipment and allows them to optimize performance, resulting in higher equipment utilization, better uptime, and substantially improved factory productivity. BISTel will demonstrate the new HMP in the Semicon West Smart Manufacturing Pavilion, Moscone Center, San Francisco, July 8-11, 2019. BISTel will also feature HMP in its Creating the Factory of the Future 2019 event at the Marriot Marquis, July 10.

HMP is a fully integrated solution that addresses a myriad of manufacturing problems and bottlenecks that are a drag on production, yield and engineering productivity. Today, manufacturers face three common threats to maintaining high quality, high productivity plants and equipment – unscheduled production stoppages due to lack of asset monitoring, lack of plant-wide insight into the health of equipment caused by data fragmentation across the factory and highly inefficient equipment maintenance programs that increase production costs. HMP addresses these challenges.

Industry Leading Data Visualization

Whether you are an operator, engineer or executive, HMP seamlessly integrates with all other factory data management systems to provide the ultimate data visualization experience. HMP provides users with factory insights they need resulting in better and more meaningful decision making.

“Our new HMP solution integrates A.I. based advanced machine learning technologies to help customers detect and classify faults real-time, then uses predictive analytics to determine when faults might occur in the future or when maintenance should be done. As a result, downtime is vastly reduced, and productivity is greatly increased,” noted W.K. Choi.

About HMP

HMP’s fab wide, real-time monitoring maintains the health of equipment and web-based visualization improves decision making. For example, HMP collects, contextualizes, and analyzes data to enable role-based dashboarding for all users across the factory. Other benefits include:

  • New AI enabled smart applications offer deeper manufacturing intelligence and better factory insights. For instance, fault detection enables an early warning equipment failure system to help eliminate downtime and real-time notifications allow speedy corrective responses.
  • Fault classification applications provides timely, actionable insights on equipment failures which helps to reduce troubleshooting, repair time, and downtime.
  • New, powerful A.I. predictive analytics enable data driven predictive maintenance which increases equipment utilization and eliminates downtime due to RUL failure.


HMP is available direct from BISTel and through its partners. It’s available on Siemens’ MindSphere cloud-based open IIoT operating system platform. It is available on SK Telecom’s Metatron cloud-based, asset performance management platform helping to provide powerful data analytics and manufacturing intelligence to customers globally.

About BISTel

BISTel is a leading provider of real-time, adaptive intelligence A.I. and equipment engineering systems solutions to global semiconductor, FPD, SMT, automotive, electronics assembly, pharmaceutical and LED manufacturing industries. BISTel’s real-time monitoring solutions collect and manage large data, identify faults, monitor the health of equipment, optimize process flows, quickly identify root cause failures and use real-time, predictive analytics to solve problems before they occur. BISTel helps customers reduce costs, improve quality, and increase yield. Founded in 2000, BISTel has more than 375 employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Austin, Santa Clara, Singapore and Montpellier, France. For more information visit