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BlackSky Awarded NRO Contract for Commercial Imagery to Support U.S. Government Mission Needs

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a leading provider of geospatial intelligence, satellite imaging, and
global monitoring services, announced it has been awarded a Study
Contract through the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) to provide
commercial satellite imagery.

The NRO is responsible for providing the defense and intelligence
communities with access to high-resolution commercial imagery to support
homeland defense, national security, disaster and emergency response
missions enabling them to make informed decisions with confidence.

“Being selected by the NRO to participate in the study contract
validates how BlackSky has quickly become a trusted partner of providing
mission-critical global intelligence,” said Brian O’Toole, CEO of
BlackSky. “We’re combining high-revisit satellite imaging with a unique
analytic solution for site monitoring, all at a price point not seen
before with traditional providers. We look forward to building a
long-term partnership with the NRO and continuing our support of the
U.S. government’s existing and emerging security and intelligence needs.”

BlackSky recently announced it has successfully achieved significant
on-orbit milestones of its first two Earth-imaging spacecraft, Global-1
and Global-2, and has started commercial availability. The company is on
track to launch Global-3 and Global-4 in the coming months and plans to
launch four more satellites in the constellation later this year.

About BlackSky:

BlackSky’s premier global monitoring and alerting services provide an
easy, affordable way to observe, analyze and act on timely and relevant
insights about the planet. BlackSky combines access to high-quality
satellite images from multiple sources, including its own planned
60-satellite constellation, with a diverse set of real-time sensor data
such as social media, news and other data feeds. Whether you’re tracking
economic assets, monitoring illegal maritime activity, or securing
troops and borders, BlackSky ensures you have the most current and
meaningful information at your fingertips so you can make well-informed
decisions. BlackSky is part of Spaceflight Industries and based in
Seattle, Wash. For more information, visit