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Blue Sky Collaborative Introduces Blue Sky Give—Innovative Peer to Peer Fundraising Platform Specifically for Smaller Non-Profits and Charities

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Blue Sky Collaborative, a leading provider of online peer to peer fundraising software platforms, today announced the launch of Blue Sky Give, an innovative peer to peer fundraising platform for creating customized websites for promoting and managing campaigns and events. With Blue Sky Give, smaller non-profit and charitable organizations have a low-cost, flexible and straightforward platform that allows them to get their fundraising activities up and running quickly.

“Smaller organizations need to run their fundraising campaigns as efficiently as possible while maintaining a professional and polished image,” said Syam Buradagunta, president at Blue Sky Collaborative. “Blue Sky Give is an intuitive and scalable platform that meets those needs while providing them a way to create campaigns that allow supporters to raise money on their behalf through hosting or participating in events, such as walks, runs and bike races.”

Customer Testimonial for Blue Sky Give

“We partnered with Calling all Crows and Blue Sky Collaborative to run our first ever Row for Crows event, which was created to raise money and awareness for social change to improve the lives of women and girls,” shared Michael Collette, B.S., owner of Crossfit Prototype Training Systems. “Our goal was to raise $20,000 and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without Blue Sky Give. The platform was incredibly easy to use, there were no major upfront costs and the team got everything done so we could focus on running the event. In addition, the leaderboard feature created a good competitive feel, which I believe resulted in more funds raised and was a major differentiator from other platforms we have used in the past. I highly recommend Blue Sky for any and all fundraising events or programs. They’re incredible!”

Blue Sky Give Features and Benefits

Blue Sky Give is a full-featured platform that offers smaller non-profits such as schools, booster clubs, and PTAs the following capabilities:

  • Setting up a branded fundraising site with their logo, a vanity URL (their own web address), and links to their social media
  • Creating an unlimited number of campaigns and events, enabling them to set up and manage multiple campaigns/events for various initiatives
  • Editing and updating copy and images on the site
  • Accepting and processing donations directly to the organization and toward any fundraising goal
  • Identifying levels of participation and setting goals and customized questions for individual and team fundraisers
  • Creating and modifying emails to designated contacts and lists
  • Setting up and managing any type of fundraising event, including ticket sales
  • Integrating with their donor management systems and email platforms
  • Utilizing Google Analytics to track site traffic
  • Managing and assigning responsibilities to volunteers

Blue Sky Give is offered as an online, software-as-a service platform that organizations can start using right away for free, while receiving nearly all the capabilities of SWEET!, Blue Sky’s flagship platform used by major charities such as Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Boys and Girls Clubs and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

“Blue Sky Give is perfect for smaller charities as it offers all the bells and whistles of a robust fundraising platform, but with zero risk and no fees,” said Buradagunta. “There’s no need to hire staff to manage the fundraising as Blue Sky Give makes it so easy to do. It gives smaller charities a tremendous opportunity to be competitive in the fundraising world.”

To learn more about Blue Sky Give or to demo the platform, go to To learn more about Blue Sky Collaborative, visit

About Blue Sky Collaborative

Blue Sky Collaborative was founded in 2002 on the belief that peer to peer fundraising is the best way to empower communities to drive impact and make unprecedented change. Several hundred organizations, charities, non-profits, and schools in multiple languages use Blue Sky Collaborative’s fundraising software, which supports events and campaigns of all types and helps to raise millions of dollars every year.

Blue Sky Collaborative offers clients easy-to-use peer to peer fundraising sites that are designed and branded their way and grow their fundraising while keeping costs low and transparent. The SWEET! and Blue Sky Give platforms exist as a direct result of user input and experience and the company’s commitment to collaborate with clients on a software system that puts them first. From donors, executive staff and volunteers to teachers, sponsors and committee members, fundraising success is a team sport on which Blue Sky serves as a valuable partner.

Blue Sky Collaborative has offices in metrowest Boston, Massachusetts, and Annapolis, Maryland.