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Blue Trading Systems Enhances BTS Spark with Release 2.0

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Trading Systems (BTS)
today introduced an enhanced version of BTS
Spark which includes a variety of key feature updates such as ways to
manage queue positions, design new strategies and visualize order data.

BTS Spark, an algorithmic futures trading system designed from the
ground up to provide unprecedented power, speed and reliability, was
brought to market two years ago to address gaps in alternative
offerings. Customer driven, the product was designed to help the trading
community enhance their performance, sharpen their competitive edge and
win in various market conditions. BTS Spark quickly gained momentum with
an ultra-low latency and highly functional spreader as well as algo
engine that includes API access, and an intuitive yet powerful front end

BTS worked closely with several key trading groups, including some of
the most talented and innovative traders in Chicago to identify the
highest leveraged areas for enhancement. BTS Spark 2.0 appeals greatly
to advanced proprietary traders striving to deploy their own low latency
automated trading strategies and augment them with the use of BTS’ new
algo studio or the new high-speed C++ API.

“We believe that to be able to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive
markets, traders must be able to focus on implementing their own unique
strategies without the distractions and expense that comes from having
to implement the needed ecosystem,” BTS Managing Partner, Pedro Pinto
said. “With Spark 2.0 we made significant strides towards the goal of
allowing traders to quickly develop and deploy their own strategies on
top of a high-performance, robust, industry grade software

BTS Spark 2.0 is now available for BTS customers. If you are
interested in learning more about, we invite you to email

If you are interested in learning more about BTS Spark, please visit

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