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Board 11: Power and Simplicity Boost Next-Level Decision-Making

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Board International announces the release of Board 11, the latest
version of its market-leading Decision-Making Platform which features a
revolutionary new architecture and redesigned user interface.

Board enables organizations to transform their approach to decisions by
unifying business-wide planning, simulation, and analytics processes in
a single platform. With a completely redesigned engine, a new HTML5
web-based administration and design interface, and revolutionary data
modeling capabilities, Board 11 empowers organizations to translate
complex processes into effective business models faster and more easily
than ever before.

The new version is underpinned by Board’s innovative WAVE technology
which represents a pivotal change in data processing capabilities.
WAVE’s data compression and parallel processing algorithms deliver a
step change in performance and scalability, creating a semantic-less
structure which makes light work of the increasing complexity, volumes,
and users involved with modern business decision-making.

Additional features have also been introduced to enhance the user’s
experience, such as self-service report subscriptions and broadcasting,
built in data lineage and impact analysis, innovative new analytical
functions, and embedded XBRL reporting.

“Board 11 combines the power to manage growing volumes of data and
users with the utmost simplicity, making data modeling easier than ever
while maintaining exceptional levels of performance,”
Pietro Ferrari, CTO of Board International.

“As market competitiveness rises, many forward-thinking businesses
are seeking new ways to stay ahead of the game and we are already
helping over 3,000 companies worldwide, such as Toyota, Coca-Cola, and
H&M, to do this. Board 11 enables organizations to take this advantage
to the next level, providing the ability to transform their business’
vision into reality and sparking business imagination across every
concludes Giovanni Grossi, CEO of Board International.

Board 11 is available now, with a full overview of new features
available on the Board

The launch of Board 11 coincides with a brand-new visual identity for
Board International. Reflecting changing customer needs and
expectations, Board is becoming simpler and more intuitive to make it
even easier for individuals to have a transformative effect on their
business. A new logo and website design form part of this
transformation, marking a significant development in Board as a solution
and Board International as a company.

About Board:

Board is the #1 decision-making platform for organizations of any size.
Unifying BI and Enterprise Performance Management in one solution, Board
can spark the business imagination of enterprises by enhancing the way
managers, stakeholders, and senior executives make decisions.