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Booka Announces New Partnership with Caramel Publishing House and Launches Read-to-Me Feature

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Booka is delighted to announce a new partnership with Caramel Publishing, an internationally acclaimed Brussels-based children’s publishing house. For more than 28 years now, Caramel has been successfully creating various educational books. Their playful and exciting picture eBooks will soon be available for Booka subscribers. Booka’s catalog keeps constantly expanding with more great titles to discover for the whole family.

Booka is working on another major update of its catalog, bringing a brand-new feature called Read-to-Me. At first, Read-to-Me will be available for the whole Booka Originals series and several other books by different publishers adding more books in the future.

Each book is narrated by a professional voice actor and edited with music. With one click, users can switch from a regular reading mode to a Read to Me mode in the app. This great new feature allows children to listen to any book and follow along with the words simultaneously. The Read to Me feature will later be available for most books on the app so that children can enjoy the experience of having a story narrated to them with any book they prefer.

Booka is a modern eBook subscription service for children. Available in both iOS and Android, Booka offers hundreds of children’s stories and early learning books in different languages. Its primary target markets are English speaking countries, Spain, Russia, and Germany.

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