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Boot Backup Images Instantly With NetJapan’s Interim Availability Solution HyperBoot™

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NetJapan, Inc., publisher of disk imaging backup, system disaster recovery, and virtualization software, announces the release of HyperBoot™. A solution for booting ActiveImage Protector™ backups as virtual machines on Hyper-V and ESXi hosts by providing an interim availability solution to bridge the gap between disaster and recovery.

Using NetJapan’s real-time virtual conversion technology, HyperBoot bypasses the lengthy, resource intensive, and cumbersome physical to virtual conversion process, and boots the backup as a virtual machine in as little as two minutes. Changes made while running the virtual machine from a backup are saved as differential backup files. A proverbial “Spare Wheel” for recovering, migration testing, repairing, or upgrading prior to actual deployment.

Use VMware vMotion Live Migration to effect “recovery on boot” of a HyperBoot virtual machine to a hypervisor in a production environment.


  • Boot backups created by all versions and editions of ActiveImage Protector including agentless, and Linux LVM images.
  • Supports booting on Hyper-V (Local and Remote), ESXi, VMware Workstation/Player, and VirtualBox.
  • Available at no additional charge for ActiveImage Protector users.

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