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Booz Allen and Hypergiant Industries Form Strategic Relationship to Speed the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

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Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH), a leading management and technology consulting company, and Hypergiant Industries, a premier artificial intelligence (AI) industrial complex for leading global companies and governments, today announced a strategic relationship to help solve the toughest challenges organizations face, powered by AI solutions. The relationship will fuse Hypergiant Industries’ leadership in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and emerging technology with Booz Allen’s deep expertise as an AI innovator and integrator for the U.S. Government and Fortune 500 clients—driving to bring new AI solutions that help clients fully capture the promise of the technology.

“While AI holds significant opportunity, organizations often struggle to effectively implement the technology in a way that delivers real, repeatable value,” said Josh Sullivan, a Booz Allen senior vice president and leader of the firm’s Analytics and AI business. “Our work with Hypergiant aims to help bring AI out of the lab faster, empowering organizations to deliver explainable and transparent outcomes. We plan to work together to help transform the public sector by automating tasks and helping clients adopt innovative machine learning solutions to, for example, improve health outcomes for Americans. Booz Allen and Hypergiant will also explore ways to speed AI adoption by identifying models from Booz Allen’s vast experience deploying AI, uncovering opportunities to repurpose and create immediate impact.”

The strategic relationship aims to move past the hype of AI and put advanced analytics to work in meaningful ways for government and private sector organizations. The two companies will team on government contracts to deploy AI solutions at scale, changing the nature of how organizations achieve their missions and revolutionizing facets of government operations. In addition to teaming today, Booz Allen and Hypergiant will explore several areas where AI is best poised to deliver impact by examining and possibly repurposing the intellectual property of both companies, including in such areas as:

  • Bringing AI to the ER – The growth of electronic health records is exponentially increasing the amount of information about patients available to their doctors. However, during emergency situations, when seconds count, crucial medical information is often obscured in the mass of data contained in a patient’s medical record. AI can uncover this data and may prove invaluable in other critical situations, like providing first responders with data about a structure compromised by a national disaster.
  • Catching Fraudsters – The U.S. Government is on constant watch for fraudulent activity—especially during tax time. AI can help process reams of data available within Government agencies to help spot fraud attempts more efficiently. With modifications, a similar model may help financial services firms improve how they uncover fraudulent charges.
  • Predicting Fake Domains – Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs) are the burner phones of the cyber realm: they can rapidly create many fake domain names that act as a delivery vehicle for malware. While impossible for humans alone to defend against, machines can be taught to predict where false domains surface—allowing security teams to address compromised network activities.
  • Spotting Never-Before-Seen Malware – To combat the threat of malicious software, which can cause millions of dollars of damage in a single incident, Booz Allen is pioneering state-of-the-art analytics and AI techniques that can defend against malware. Training based on known malware, AI can learn to spot malicious software that has not been seen before.

“Booz Allen Hamilton has the kind of reach, scale, and knowledge that we get excited about,” said Hypergiant Industries’ Chief Executive Officer, Ben Lamm. “They also have a shared mission to help organizations and people change the world. Together, we will be able to leverage great technology and enable groundbreaking ideas, all in service to making substantial improvements to the world’s biggest problems. Together, we can create immense change and impact.”

Booz Allen Hamilton brings not only some of the deepest and broadest experience in helping the government implement AI but also a shared, forward-thinking point of view grounded in the understanding that AI adoption comes through building trust, operationalizing technologies to reach enterprise scale, and establishing ethical governance standards and procedures. Coupling that with the deep technological skill sets of the Hypergiant Industries team and applying it to wide-ranging challenges in cybersecurity, financial services, climate change and healthcare will create solutions that catalyze the growth of AI, propelling innovation forward.

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