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Boston Startup Drafted Launches a New App “Layoff Network” to Accelerate Job Placements for Employees Affected by COVID-19 Layoffs

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Today Drafted announced a free product called Layoff Network to help with the recent surge in layoffs. People can nominate their friends and colleagues affected by layoffs so that they get noticed quicker by companies that are still hiring. Personal recommendations are proven to get people hired up to 7x faster than a normal job board or career-site application process, so the platform enables hiring managers to connect to candidates via introductions.

“If you’re looking for a way to help those affected by COVID-19 layoffs, nominating them on the Layoff Network is one of the best things you can do,” says Vinayak Ranade, CEO at Drafted. “At Drafted, we believe that personal introductions through the community are the most scalable way to help connect people with opportunities. More and more companies are looking to hire talent for who they are, and not just their skills. A great nomination is one way to do that.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Nominate a friend or departing colleague in need of a new job
  • Your friend gets fast-tracked to companies hiring in your network
  • Hiring managers and recruiters ask you for introductions to your friend

The Layoff Network is free to use starting April 6, 2020. You can sign up at

Over 100 companies have joined the Layoff Network pre-launch. You won’t have to go through a tedious application process; you’ll get a human from one of those companies reaching out to you directly.

About Drafted: Drafted is a network recruiting platform that empowers people and companies to connect through introductions. Founded by a team from KAYAK and MIT, Drafted offers several networking products to both employers and individuals. For more information visit